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Space Clearing Healing

Space Clearing, a contemporary addition to the ancient Feng Shui practice is essentially the clearing/cleaning of any physical space on an energy level

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    What Is Space Clearing?

    Space Clearing follows the principles of cleaning the specs of negativity, unnecessary energies, and lingering clutter in the same way one would rid their houses of dust and dirt on the outside.

    It is an ancient art practiced daily in many old cultures – from India and Bali to Peru and Morocco. Space clearing helps you create a healthy, peaceful, and auspicious environment. Whether it is your home or office, clearing the energy around you is an essential part of your well-being hence the maintenance and keeping it immaculate carries utmost importance.

    Importance Of Space Clearing

    The environment we exist in largely controls our day-to-day functioning. We believe in purifying the unseen to carry peace and prosperity in the physical bounds.

    The importance of space clearing is based on the certitude that over time energy gets stuck in the space around you and thus affects your mental, physical, financial and emotional wellbeing. For your life to work well, it is vital to have a good flow of clear and vibrant energy in your home and workplace.

    Space Clearing helps you balance the energies of your living space and bring in healthy ‘chi’ or energy. Want to get rid of the unwanted energies that might be causing stress, anxiety, fear, etc.? Space Clearing might just be the perfect solution.

    Benefits Of Space Clearing

    Space clearing is the art of combining energy work, intuition, and the power of words. 


    The boundless benefits of space clearing include:

     – Releasing unwanted and residual energies: Space Clearing instantly rids you and your space of all the taxing negative energies that might be blocking your path to peace, comfort, and success.

     – Streamlining positivity: This practice acts as a disguised harbinger for positivity to flow in your house or workplace. It elevates any burdens and creates a healthy environment

     – Increased efficiency and focus: Space Clearing has proved to be beneficial in increasing focus and productivity in the professional and personal workspaces

     – Better relations and harmony: Out of the many benefits, space clearing can also help with mending and solidifying relationships by releasing the tension that may be caused by the energies in the environment.

    Space Clearing Private Consultation

    Everything that happens in a physical area gets imprinted in energy ripples in all accessible grounds.

    Space Clearing is an elaborate methodology that deals with the pieces of energy scattered around us which may be affecting us without our knowledge. It helps to create a serene and tranquil physical space.

    Are you eager to cleanse your personal and professional space from the specs of undesired energies? Illuminations Well Being Centre Dubai has the perfect solution for you!

    We bring you the leading professionals in the field to help you in your journey to purify and clear your space.

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