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Reconnective Healing

Recognized & Supported by Science, Reconnective Healing is a powerful energy healing approach, returning you to an optimal state of balance, through energy light and information.

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    What Is Reconnective Healing?

    Reconnective Healing is a scientifically and medically proven natural healthcare approach that lets you heal naturally and live without limitation!

    Reconnective Healing involves non-touch energy healing that facilitates extraordinary healings by bringing us into alignment, balance, and harmony.

    Reconnective Healing (RH) is an easy to learn healing process that has helped millions of people and changed lives overnight. It goes beyond physical treatment by returning one back to an optimal state of balance.

    How Does Reconnective Healing Work?

    Initially skeptical, Dr. Eric Pearl, Founder of the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing came to understand that there is universal intelligence, which is accessible to us all.

    When interacting with the fully comprehensive Reconnective Healing spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light, and information, extraordinary healing begins to take place. Reconnective Healing is not a spiritual phenomenon.

    Reconnective Healing is the new and most advanced form of energy healing, approved by science and the medical world in improving mental clarity, enhances vitality, and increases longevity!

    Scientific & Medical Research Behind Reconnective Healing

    Did you know that results showed that Reconnective Healing was more than twice as effective as physical therapy in increasing their range of motion?

    Reconnective Healing has clear, significant, and measurable results. In a recent study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Reconnective Healing was tested alongside Reiki and Physical Therapy on people with limited range of motion in their shoulders.

    Reconnective Healing has clear, significant, and measurable results with Powerful Scientific Evidence & Research on the Positive Effects of Reconnective Healing.

    Reconnective Healing Private Consultation

    Come and unleash the power of Reconnective Healing with the phenomenal practice of channeling, visualizing, manifesting, and achieving.

    We at Illuminations Well-Being Dubai offer Reconnective Healing Therapy Private Consultations Sessions with the leading professionals in the field to enable you to unveil the power hidden inside you!

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