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Aura Reading, Cleansing & Photography

The Aura or energy field, surrounds our physical body and can unravel a lot about the mind-body-energy state of a person, place or object. Understanding your aura can reveal a lot about you!

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    Understand the Auras:

    Have you ever met someone, or visited a certain place and felt a vibe or a sense of knowing whether it made you feel good or bad but just could explain how or why? What you probably sensed was the Aura.

    For centuries, eastern philosophy has referred to Chi, Prana, Meridians and Chakras as components of an‘aura’ of light associated with human beings. This aura is also known as the ‘human energy field’ or ‘human light field’ or the ‘biofield’.

    Our aura constantly interacts with the aura of others.

    In our vulnerable states, we can sometimes catch negative energy and thought forms from other people, environments& situations.

    If we harbor them, it causes a disruption of energy flow into our auras and leaves us feeling tired, angry, sad and fearful for reasons unknown to us.


    Aura Cleansing Services:


    Did you Know that the Aura can reveal physical, mental and emotional issues, six months before they actually manifest in physical reality?

    At Illuminations, we offer a variety of services to heal, cleanse & balance the Aura


    At Illuminations, we offer aura cleansing meditation is designed to provide powerful tools and techniques to clear any imbalance in the energy field so that we can be more vibrant, happier and more ‘ourselves’, without allowing external factors to influence us.

    Energy Healing Services:

    You Can Heal Your Aura & Balance Your Chakras through our powerful energy healing services which include:

    • Chakra Healing & Balancing
    • Reiki Healing
    • Theta Healing
    • Crystal Healing
    • Pranic Healing

    Aura Reading Workshop: Develop the Ability to Examine the Auras!

    This workshop entails doing various exercises, which increases one’s psychic ability to examine the Aura. Charts will be given to students who are instructed to practice regularly. Examples and case studies of capturing the Aura with the naked eye will be provided and taught.

    Book Your Aura Cleansing Session& Experience the Miraculous Transformation in Your Life!

    **Disclaimer: The benefits mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

    Aura Photography


    Those ‘sensitive’s’ who can see this light claim that it gives them information about other people’s health and state of well-being. Modern western science is investigating what it calls the human ‘biofield’ with scientific instruments.

    To aid investigation in this area, Resolutions has developed ISIS and MCP as research tools to enable the imaging of light (photons) in a totally different way to what the human eye / brain normally sees.

    In terms of practical applications, with ISIS and MCP we are using modern technology to image the light around living organisms in order to gain useful information about their health and state of well-being.

    Health practitioners report that ISIS and MCP are useful in indicating areas of balance and imbalance in the light field surrounding the human body. Practitioners say that information gained from scanning with ISIS and MCP highlights areas in need of treatment/ therapy

    Aura Reading Diagnosis Session

    One of the best ways to read the Aura is through our very own eyes which can feed the data immediately to the brain for interpretation of the constantly changing aura patterns and colors. The colors and gradients of the aura around different areas of our body, reflect a lot about an individual, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

    At Illuminations, we have gifted practitioners who have the ability to see, feel and understand the aura through their 6th sense abilities.

    Most often the practitioner will give a complete reading of the aura and verify the accuracy with the client.

    The results will amaze and astonish you!

    Book Your Aura Reading Session& Experience the Miraculous Transformation in Your Life!

    **Disclaimer: The benefits mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

    Benefits of Aura Reading & Cleansing

    • Understanding what your energy can reveal about you!
    • Techniques of rejuvenation of physical body for instant re-charging of energies with special breathing exercises to balance mind and body
    • Understanding the interplay of the Conscious and the Sub-Conscious Mind& How we store negative energy throughout thoughts and emotions
    • Getting in touch with the Self: Love, Healing, Forgiveness & Acceptance
    • Exercises to experience and feel the subtle (energy) bodies
    • Tools for Healing, Cleansing, Shielding the Aura


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