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Rebirthing Breath Work

Rebirthing breath work is a powerful healing approach which modifies our patterns of breathing to connect and strengthen our mind, body, and spirit.

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    What is Rebirthing Breath Work?

    Rebirthing Therapy is a type of breath work training. It uses conscious breathing and connected breathing techniques to help you become more aware of the relationships between your mind and body. This conscious awareness can help guide you towards resolving your past issues and healing your body and spirit.

    How Does Rebirthing Work?

    At the beginning of a session your spiritual therapist will work with you to understand the problems you are facing. He or she will then help you find your internal rhythm, and guide you in various connected breathing techniques. Such breath work training helps you become more aware of each breath you inhale and exhale. Rebirthing works on the principle that our well being is connected to our breathing. By consciously controlling and regulating our breathing, we are working towards dissolving the tension built up inside us.

    What Are The Benefits of Rebirthing Breath Work Therapy?

    There are various benefits of rebirthing therapy. It helps fight depression, release negative energy, reduce anxiety and opens one up to a stress-free way of life.

      • o Balanced Hormone levels
        o Reduce Craving, and Symptoms of Addiction
        o Increased Focus & Clarity of Thought.
        o Increase in Metabolic Activity

    Where Can I Find Rebirthing Breath Work Centres Near Me?

    Illuminations Training Academy offers individuals the opportunities to become certified in a variety of holistic healing modalities, including Reiki healing. In recent time it has become one of the most renowned places for training in holistic and healing hands courses in Dubai.

    We have experts & highly experienced teachers who train our students in various Reiki healing classes which include the Usui System of Reiki, the Karuna Reiki System and also the Violet Flame Reiki System. Learn more on our website.

    To book your free private Reiki Healing consultation, or to know more about the Reiki training courses, please fill up the form provided above!

    About Our Rebirthing Meditation Classes, Workshop & Training Programs

    At Illuminations we offer Rebirthing Meditation Classes, Workshops & Training Programs.

    These programs involve practicing conscious connected or circular breathing. We learn how to breathe as much energy as air and experience the amazing healing power it has. It is about completely healing our emotional mind and changing the negative thoughts about life that people have integrated until the patterns that have been created in the body and mind are dissolved.

     It is the complete and natural way to release old subconscious beliefs and to integrate more confidence, trust and pleasure into our body and soul.


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