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Holistic Healing Approaches

A ‘holistic approach’ involves treating a person as a whole—body, mind and energy/spirit

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    ABOUT Holistic Healing Approaches

    At Illuminations we offer a wide range of holistic healing approaches that aim to heal any issue by identifying its origin and resolving it from the core, for permanent relief!
    Holistic healing helps us experience the power & connection of our mind-body-energy and how it profoundly influences every area of our daily life including our health, career, relationships & self-expression.

    Holistic Healing is:




    The Journey of Self Awareness, Healing & Discovery:

    No matter which approach one avails, the journey of healing provides a gifted opportunity for a greater understanding of ourselves (thoughts, beliefs, emotions & perceptions) and the world around around us from a neutral, loving and non-judgmental perspective.

    As a result, clients are inspired to transform their life and discover the key to inner happiness, balance and contentment through a process of self-awareness and discovery.


    Holistic Healing

    From Mind Sciences, Energy, Spiritual Healing & Physical Well-Being we offer the very best of holistic healing approaches to choose from!



    At Illuminations, we offer variety of powerful mind science tools based on western psychology and cognitive coaching approaches to help our clients transform their lives through changing their mindset, resolving their emotional issues and rewiring their behavior patterns!

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    Energy Medicine

    At Illuminations we offer a variety of different energy medicine approaches to heal and transform our clients.

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    Spiritual Healing

    At Illuminations, we offer a various spiritual healing methods for the purpose of healing any issue at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels

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    At Illuminations our healing approaches to resolving physical health issues focuses on treating the person as a whole—body, mind and energy—in order to achieve permanent resolution instead of temporary cures.

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    Readings provide deeper wisdom, insight & clarity on the present situation in order to reveal hidden blocks and guide us towards a space of harmony & balance.

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