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Everything You Ought to Understand About Family Constellation Therapy

Tired of being unable to understand why you follow the same, unbreakable pattern? Are you also leaving no stone unturned in order to discover the underlying root cause of all your destructive and harmful behaviour? Family Constellation & Ancestral Healing Therapy in Dubai can be your next step to solve these worries, even if your attempts at all other doors have been futile.

What is Family Constellation Therapy?


This alternative approach was started by German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, where hidden dynamics and entanglements in a family or a relationship are viewed from a third-person perspective. During a Systemic Family Constellation Workshop, the individual members of the group (who are not related to the person) stand in as family members for the person or people seeking resolution. The person, who is the seeker, has a stand-in for themselves as well.

In this manner, the seeker gets an objective view of the familial arrangement and can bring their perceived and internal reality to life. The misunderstandings and dysfunctional connections are highlighted through this setup, which may not be evident to an individual’s conscious mind. Team Illuminations conducts workshops on Family Constellations & Ancestral Healing to provide prompt and pragmatic solutions while elaborating on the essence of this therapy.

How is Family Constellation Therapy Effective?


The influence and impact of your familial relationships and upbringing cannot be underestimated in the slightest. The rules, norms, and lessons you’ve learned over time and have been practicing since you were born are a cumulative and significant result of your family history. Through the ‘third-person view’, the seeker gains clarity and awareness about all the aspects of his/her relationships and their impact on his/her life.

Due to the nature of the family system being incorporated into our mental and physical systems from a young age, this approach breaks down those habitual patterns to reveal what one has normalized in their mind. Most times, while you are healing deep wounds with family constellations, other family members heal without attending therapy or workshops, with just the familial connection becoming untangled and clear.

Benefits of Family Constellation Therapy

  • Builds a healthy and wholesome family setup.
  • Improves success in financial, career and romantic areas of your life.
  • Restores broken equilibrium in familial entanglements and connections.
  • Breaks the vicious cycle of abusive and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour.
  • Uncovers the root cause of mental and physical illnesses.

There are additional benefits to this therapy, which family constellation practitioners at Illuminations along with leading professionals in this field explain in detail. You can realize all these benefits yourself and your family can as well at Family Constellation therapy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, at Illuminations Well-being centre. At Illuminations, we offer Family Constellations, Group Workshops, Private Consultations to avail the benefits of this powerful modality.  Illuminations also offers a full practitioners course in family constellations in a complete module-wise, experiential training process. Curious to know more? Head over to the website here to dive into a world of endless possibilities!

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