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    About the Emotional Intelligence Training Program:

    The Emotional Intelligence Training Program is focused on developing emotional intelligence by addressing issues such as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one’s past, how to achieve calm and how better to understand, and where necessary change, the world.


    Mastering the Art of Relationships


    Dealing with Loss, Anxiety & Negative Emotions

    Emotional Intelligence Training Program

    How to Choose A Passionate & Fulfilling Career

    Benefits for Employees in the Work Place:

    • Balanced Performance & Decision Making
    • Self Awareness & Motivation
    • Enhanced Social Skills & Self Management
    • Empathy
    • Tackling & Dealing with Emotions such as: Egoism, Self Esteem, Inferiority Complex

    About The Curriculum

    The Curriculum, Levels & Focus:

    EI (Emotional Intelligence) Foundation

    2 Day Certification

    Focus: Self-Development & Personal Growth

    Focus: EI Intensive & EI Advanced Strategies to increase leadership and one-on-one session results.

    EI Foundation and EI Advanced can be taken interchangeable. Each module is complete within itself.

    EI (Emotional Intelligence) Facilitator Training Program

    2 Days plus 4 days = 6-Day Certification

    “Emotional Intelligence Facilitator Certification”

    Pre-requisite EI Foundation & EI Advanced & One One-on-One Emotional Release Sessions with Dr. Doris Completes with

    Focus: Corporate Training, Events & Workshops & Motivational Speaking Engagements

    EI (Emotional Intelligence) Foundation

    Emotional Intelligence Certificationfor Personal & Professional Success

    Two-Day, 14 hrs, Foundation Level

    Detailed Description of Objectives:

    Emotional Quotient Skill Test

    The DorisNLP EQ test is composed of a set of enlightening and inspiring questions that you will answer at the beginning and at the end of the training. Upon your choice you can test yourself again after one and three months.
    The DorisNLP EQ test is not based on psychometrics; it avoids judging and labeling people. This fantastic rubric and framework helps you to continue measuring yourself through numbers and scores. You will receive feedback in an easy and verifiable way to directly increase your EQ and personal & professional growth. The purpose of the DorisNLP EQ test is to provide you with immediate and long-lasting changes.

    Pinpoint and understand emotions

    80% of emotions are identified incorrectly. We think we are angry only to find out that deeper down may be guilt. We think we are sad but underneath may be uttermost frustration. Identify your emotions more accurately and instantly. Reflect on the numerous labels and meanings of emotions. There is no wrong or right. Emotional Intelligence helps us to trust our own and other’s unique experience.

    The Inner Switchboard

    Learn more details about the fabric of your emotions and how exactly they are produced. Differentiate emotions from thoughts and practice pinpointing them.Learn how to directly influence the power of emotions. You will establish an inner switch board that will help you to reduce or amplify emotions upon your conscious choice.

    Your Rainbow of Emotions

    Mostly people can quickly name the emotions they don’t want to feel anymore. We are attached to our misery and know too little about happiness, joy and bliss. The Rainbow of Emotions technique will help you to strengthen the emotions you want and may need more in your life and to relate those emotions to your personal and professional success. Learn about the healthy effects of good and conscious laughter. Enjoy a Laughter Meditation.

    Transform Resistance into Assistance

    Every emotion has its right to be. It is not the emotion itself but the way you relate to that emotion that matters. Our instincts and limbic reactions make us fight uncomfortable emotions which actually makes them stronger. You will be invited to stop fighting your emotions and accept them from a different perspective.
    This EI will guide you to identify and transform any form of reaction into new conscious responses. and so new relationships with any emotion. Every emotion has a signal for us. Once you recognize the signal you can deal with the emotion more easily and effectively.

    Emotion Yoga

    Stepping in and out of emotions consciously helps you to take the charge out of them and creates neuro-pathways that are empowering. When you increase your ability to describe, define and feel any emotion you create healthy neuro-pathways that empower your choice and decision. These exercises significantly increase your choice, confidence and integrity.
    Just like physical exercise this Emotional Intelligence suggest to practice emotions. Emotions that give happiness and joy need to be strengthened and enforced. Enjoy inspiring and fun theater Improv experiences called: Emotion Yoga.

    Successfully handle Anger

    Many people would say that frustration and anger are hardest to catch and change. As “fire emotions”, they are hot and fast. Their neuro-intensity is high and they cannot be denied nor just re-programmed. Successfully handling any formof aggression has to do with meeting the fire at the core. Explore creative ways to address frustration and anger more powerfully than ever before.

    Build Confidence and Determination

    Aggression with consciousness and love can turn into confidence, determination and assertiveness. These leadership qualities are directly linked to the level of success in our lives.

    Assumptions and Facts

    Emotions are human and have to be. How do you know which emotions are helpful and natural and which ones are to be changed? Judgment and assumptions can hurt more than physical force. Learn to clearly differentiate emotions from judgments and thoughts. Practice detachment and how to perceive and speak through facts.

    Boundaries & The Emotional Health Model

    Many unresourceful emotional processes are linked to not knowing or not being able to express boundaries. It takes time and specific reflection methods to again and again define boundaries. The Emotional Health Model powerfully supports identifying and expressing boundaries and provides you with tools for more balanced emotional interactions. Build flexibility and responsiveness while identifying boundaries wisely.

    Fear, Anxiety and Phobia

    Emotions that result in high adrenalin levels, heightened heartbeat and any flight and fight response have a common structure. They are part of vicious circle patterns. If an emotion has us and we do not have the emotion it is called Emotional Enmeshment. Understanding and freeing yourself of Emotional Enmeshment helps you to successfully interrupt these physiological reactions.

    The Psychological Layers

    Learn the map of the psychological layers of emotions. Describe the effect of childhood conditioning on defence mechanisms and on the origin of emotional patterns. Find your defence and protection mechanisms that limit emotional and physical health. Identify your emotional core wound. Build and live vulnerability fearlessly and confidently. Strengthen your authentic power.

    Identify your protection and defence mechanisms

    We have specific denial and defence mechanism. If you are run by your defence mechanisms true happiness is not possible. An exercise will give you the chance to be more aware of your defence mechanisms and so create more choice. You can then determine how to use previous protection patterns in a conscious way.

    Identify your emotional core wound

    Understand the seven main emotional core wounds. Identify your unique emotional core wound pattern and begin a process of healing on a deep level. This process directly raises your EQ and brings more love and peace into your relationships.

    You are not your emotions. Meditation

    The Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and the Emotional Quotient (EQ) are directly related. You are NOT you emotions. Who are you truly? Enhance the ability to be with emotions from a spiritual perspective. Enrich your life with inner neutrality and meditation.

    Self-Love & Compassion

    This topic is well-versed within all versions of EI & EQ. You can only truly care about others based on self-love. Self-care is a discipline that needs attention. Emotional Intelligence is rooted in the heart. Our quality of compassion and empathy results in our personal and professional success.

    The Five Keys for Emotional Intelligence

    Learn 5 distinct Keys enhancing your ability to feel emotions as well as detach yourself from them appropriately. Apply the 5 Keys to improve handling daily emotional challenges more successfully. Apply tips how to apply the 5 Keys and receive personalized feedback to increase your EQ.

    EI (Emotional Intelligence) Advanced

    Emotional Intelligence Advanced

    2-Day Certification for Therapists, Healers, Facilitators and NLP Coaches

    Pre-requisite: Counseling, Healing, Facilitator, Coaching, NLP or EI certification.

    This is a “Non-NLP” training focusing only on working with emotions. The purpose of the training is to significantly increase your session-, healing-, therapy- and coaching results.

    This course is NON-NLP and not problem but outcome oriented. It is composed of three decades experience and material in primal therapy, childhood de-conditioning and Reichian and Lowen Bioenergetic anger release. You will learn to address trauma, sexual abuse and addictions, and create change in effective and long-lasting ways. Emotion Yoga with extensive Theatre Improv techniques help the client to bring forth their desired positive and healing emotions.

    This 2-Day certification will enrich your tool bag as a coach, healer and facilitator with a great amount of templates, structures and practical hands-on skills.

    You will enhance:

    • Empowering your mastery of handling emotions
    • Facilitating releasing and transforming emotions
    • Emotional Engagement to boost motivation, persuasion & coaching
    • Significantly increase coaching & therapy success.

    Detailed Objectives

    • Conduct Laughter Sessions
      • – Laughter techniques for Laughter Yoga & Laughter Meditation
    • Emotional Release Body Work Techniques
      • – Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen Bio-Energetic Body Work for releasing anger, grief, regret and sadness
    • Releasing Enmeshment & Evolved You
      • – Reversing the Stockholm Syndrome
      • – Meta-Physical Surgery
      • – Most successful model for fears, trauma & deep-rooted emotional issues
    • Successfully Address Compulsions & Addictions
      • – Ten tips, guideline and techniques
    • Improv Theater – Express, Release, Enjoy
      • – Emotion Yoga intensified through Theater Techniques; Voice Training
      • – Utilize your client’s emotions toward reaching their outcomes
    • The Happiness Booster
      • – Intensifier for your client’s contentment, happiness & joy
    • Emotions & Time
      • – Resolving paradox and collapsing the structure of time
    • Emotional Engagement for Motivation & Communication
      • – The 4 Signals for Emotional Intelligent Communication
      • – Boosting the Client’s Motivation through their emotions
    • Emotional Engagement to successfully lead teams and conduct meetings



    About the Facilitator:



    Internationally Renowned NLP Master Trainer

    Dr. A. Doris Greenwood is a dynamic trainer and recognized for her caring, integrity and in-depth knowledge, and for the joy and fun she brings to the training environment. She is the only certified and certifying Master Trainers of the highly regarded international Society of NLP in India and has directly studied with the founders of NLP. Dr. A. Doris Greenwood has more than 33 years of experience working with people from the heart and in the field of personal, emotional and spiritual development. She is a Naturopathic Doctor and counselor from Germany, a Master in Hypnotherapy and holds numerous certifications in therapy, trauma release, Reichian bodywork and coaching. She has studied with some of the greatest communication experts in the world. She integrates her passion for Emotional Intelligence and her extensive background in meditation with NLP.

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