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An Intuitive Development, Energy Reading & Healing Program.

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    About Clairvoyant Training:

    The Clairvoyant Training Program is a structured and practical method of developing your intuition and your psychic abilities. This program was created over 40 years ago (in the USA). It is a time-tested, successful and powerful method for accessing the gifts of your sixth chakra (Third Eye) and developing your natural psychic-clairvoyant abilities.

    The Clairvoyant Training Program is a comprehensive curriculum of intuitive & psychic development. It will lead you to connect to your spiritual essence and your psychic potential. You will learn how to connect to the true wisdom of your Soul and gain understanding of the workings of the Human Experience, so that you may receive answers, guidance and insights (for yourself and others).

    The training will help you develop your ability to trust yourself and build up your self-confidence (both, in the classroom, and in your everyday life). It is a spiritual journey of personal growth, transformation and empowerment.

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    The Clairvoyant Training Journey:

    As you begin your Clairvoyant Training Journey (Level 1)  you will train yourself to develop your psychic senses so that you can access and interpret spiritual information, for yourself and for others. You will learn powerful transformational healing techniques that you can use for your everyday life, and ultimately change your experiences at work, in relationships and to life. And, you will be fully prepared to start giving Clairvoyant Readings to others and help guide them on their path.

    As you progress along the path (Level 2 & Level 3), you will develop your capacity to ground your psychic abilities, thus expanding your ability and proficiency to use the clairvoyant techniques for more deeper and specific healings and transformation, (for yourself and others). You will be able to safely develop a deeper relationship to your psychic power and experience a deepened sense of connection and higher consciousness.

    Why Develop Your Intuition & Psychic Senses?

    It was Albert Einstein that said, “The only real valuable thing is Intuition”. Intuition, and being able to connect and access it, is one of the most powerful ways we can transform ourselves and our lives. It is the highest form of empowerment – to learn how to rely on the answers coming from within! 

    We all have the ability to access our  intuition, our psychic sense, and our higher knowing, we just need to train and develop this inner resource. As we do, we completely transform and change our life.

    Some of the benefits of developing your intuitive-psychic sense:

    – Receive & Trust your own Inner Answers & Guidance

    – Develop Self-Reliance, Self-Trust & Self-Confidence

    – Let go of confusion, self-doubt and fear

    – Increase your Creativity & Inspiration

    – Gain Clarity on what to do next (for any situation)

    – Spiritual Growth

    – Connection to your Higher-Self

    – Ability to make better decisions 

    – Develop an deep understanding of the “whys” of things

    – Helps release emotional suffering

    – Increase your inner peace and your overall well-being

    – Heal issues that limit you and hold you back

    – Shift your mood and state in a matter of minutes

    – Develop a deeper connection & understanding of yourself 

    – Understand human behavior & the reasons why people do what they do 

    – Release mental suffering & move into a state of calm

    And so much more…

    The gifts of developing your intuition and psychic senses are truly endless. It is one of the greatest, most sacred, most empowering gifts you can give yourself!

    Who is this Training for?

    This course is for ANYONE who wants to develop themselves and strengthen their intuition and psychic abilities.

    It is for beginners with no experience, who want to open up and develop spiritually to professional practitioners, who wish to develop their intuitive abilities when working with clients.

    It compliments all other Healing Modalities, such as, Reiki; ThetaHealing; Hypnotherapy; Regression Therapy; Family Constellations; and others… It will help the Practitioner strengthen their intuitive skills necessary for working in these modalities.

    Who Teaches the Program?

    The Training is taught by renowned Intuitive-Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach, Bianca Devananda. From the young age of 6 years old, Bianca would have prophetic dreams and would ‘just know’ things that have happened or were about to happen. 

    But, it was only until her 20s, after going through a dark night of the soul, that she deep dived into the world of spiritualism and began studying and working  in the psychic energy field with some of the most prominent International Psychics and Healers. 

    Since 2012, Bianca has been offering readings, workshops and trainings. She is deeply passionate about helping people connect to and develop their intuition and psychic faculties.

    About The Curriculum

    Level 1:

    In Level 1, the journey begins with learning the most essential foundations of the work, which include powerful energy techniques and exercises for grounding, cleansing and connecting to Source. The foundation techniques prepare the student to open up to begin receiving intuitive-psychic information. A step-by-step reading method is taught whereby the student learns how to read their own energy and situations for themselves, as well as for others. Specific reading practices allow the student to be fully prepared and confident to give clairvoyant readings.

    This is an intensive training program that will powerfully shift your energy and transform your life!


    In Level 1, you will learn how to:

    – Ground Yourself to Earth Energy & Connect to Source Energy

    – Develop the Ability to Understand and Decipher your Intuition

    – Build Self-Trust & Boost Your Confidence

    – Learn Powerful Energy Protection Tools

    – Strengthen Your Energy Field

    – Open & Develop Your Third Eye

    – Release Other People’s Energy

    – Clear Energetic Attachments from Others

    – Energetically Read Yourself & Situations

    – Learn How to Trust Your Own Answers

    – Read for Other People and Situations…and so much more…


    The Clairvoyant Training Level 1 is a 2-Part Training given over 4-days.

    Part 1 and Part 2 are each given over 2-days.

    Part 1 Teachings include:

    – Understanding Energy & Your Relationship to Energy

    – Grounding & Healing Meditations

    – Connecting to Spiritual Energy

    – Energy Clearing Exercises

    – Energetic Protection

    – Activating the Third Eye

    – Learning how to Read Energy

    – Self-Energy Readings and Healings

    – Clairvoyant Readings for Others

    – Aura Readings

    Part 2 Teachings Include:

    – How to Hold Energetic Space

    – How to Get your Space/Energy Back

    – Releasing Other People’s Energy from Your Space

    – Working with Spiritual Guides & Masters

    – Learn how to develop Neutrality

    – Regulation of Energy

    – Relationship Readings

    – Career & Money Readings

    – Next Step/Future Readings

    Is it compulsory to take both Part 1 & Part 2?

    The training is really complete when both Part 1 & Part 2 is taken. At the end of Day 4 (Part 2, Day 2), you will have experienced a total transformation. You will be fully equipped, and confident, to receive Clairvoyant information, interpret it, and give Readings.

    Although it is highly advised to take the full 4-day training (Part 1 & Part 2), you can enroll in Part 1, and then decide to proceed to Part 2. (Note: Part 1 is a prerequisite to taking Part 2.)

    Level 2:

    In Level 2, the reading tools that have been acquired in Level 1 are deepened and expanded. With the training and practice of Level 1, the student is now ready to further develop their clairvoyant skills by going deeper into the energetics of healing and working with Beings of Light. There will be a focus on Energy ‘Medicine’ and using clairvoyant healing to heal various issues, for self and the other.

    Level 2 Teachings Include:

    – Advanced Energy Dynamics

    – How to Identify & Heal Energetic Boundaries

    – An Understanding & Healing of the Shadow

    – How to Identify & Clear Belief Systems & Programs

    – Psychic Space Clearing

    – How to work with Advanced Energy Beings of Light

    – How to Clear Foreign Energies & Entities

    – Clairvoyant Healing Techniques

    – Clairvoyant Chakra & Aura Clearing & Healing

    – Past Life Readings & Healings


    Level 2, is a two-day intensive training. It is a great compliment and continuation of Level 1. You may take Level 2 at any time upon the completion of Level 1. However, it is recommended that you have some reading practice. This can be practice using the tools, techniques and meditations for self, reading for self and/or readings others.

    Level 3: (Advanced)

    In Level 3, you will continue to deepen, expand and enhance your ability to use your psychic senses and clairvoyant skills for reading and healing. Advanced spiritual & energy dynamics are introduced and open up the path for new reading tools and exercises. Soul & Consciousness is explored and applied to the deeper, more profound reasons for using the psychic senses and clairvoyant readings to help guide and heal. 


    Level 3 Teachings Include:

    – Exploration of Spiritual Philosophy

    – Understanding the Journey of the Soul

    – The Stages of Consciousness

    – Metaphysics of Reading & Healing

    – Dharma & Dharma Readings

    – Reading Energy Pictures

    – Releasing & Healing Limiting Energies

    – Identifying & Releasing Triggers

    – Energetics of the Heart & Heart Healing

    – Introduction to Astral Projection

    – Introduction to Mediumship


    Level 3 is two day intensive training. It is an advanced course, recommended for those who resonate with the method and desire to continue their Clairvoyant Journey. In order to get the most out of this training it is advised to have been practicing, using the Clairvoyant Tools & Techniques, and having some experience doing Clairvoyant Readings. It is recommended to take this course 3-6 months after the completion of Level 1.

    About the Facilitator:

    Bianca Devananda - Clairvoyant

    Bianca Devananda

    Reiki Master and Clairvoyant

    Bianca Devananda is a Clairvoyant, Energy Healer and Transformational Life Coach empowering individuals to discover and live from their truth. Bianca believes that everyone has the right to feel good and be happy. Everyone has the right to feel peace within and peace with whatever is occurring in one’s life. And one can be freed of their suffering and inner afflictions – no matter what.

    It was the search for her own truth and inner peace that led Bianca to leave a high-level fashion career and dysfunctional relationship and take a deep dive into spirituality 24/7. Hitting rock bottom ignited an intensive three-year healing journey and led her on a year-long spiritual pilgrimage throughout India and Nepal. Her intensive schooling with Vedanta, Tantra, and Buddhism, and her resident stays at Sivananda and Osho, as well as, her enrolment in numerous therapy intensives, shattered her preconceived notions of herself and led her to discover her Truth.

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