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This course offers simple, step-by-step, concrete techniques for grounding your intuitive abilities and provides a safe approach to developing your natural-born clairvoyance.

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    About the Clairvoyant Practitioners Training

    In the recent years, Illuminations has become the most well-renowned places to train for courses in Dubai.

    Clairvoyance is the subtle perception that allows us to see things, objects, energies, virtually everything cast beyond the perceivable physical dimension. Derived from a French word, Clairvoyance literally means “clear seeing”. It revolves around the intuitive sense and manifests into an alluring ability. It offers a solution for the obscure and unknown that works well beyond the physical boundaries.

    We offer experts & highly experienced teachers who train our students in various Clairvoyance Training Classes.

    About The Curriculum

    Illuminations Training Academy brings carefully curated courses to cater to the growing interest of individuals seeking a flourishing career in various holistic healing modalities.

    Clairvoyant Training is emerging as one of the pioneering healing modalities that are conducted regularly at our centers.

    Illuminations is one of the few professional training institutes that conducts regular Clairvoyant Training Classes.

    The Curriculum, Levels & Pricing:

    Foundation Level 0

    This introduction course is for you if you are interested in activating your innate ability and learning how to slow down and tune into your intuition. In this Clairvoyant Training Introduction Course, you will learn powerful tools to begin to clear out the mind and tap into your intuition so that you can start to gain answers and guidance to your most pressing life questions, and achieve greater self-awareness and self-confidence.

    Level 1:

    This level offers simple, step-by-step, concrete techniques for grounding your intuitive abilities and provides a safe approach to developing your natural-born clairvoyance.

    In this step, you will learn:

    • How to ‘Hold Your Own Space
    • Energetic Separation Tools
    • Metaphor Interpretation
    • Third Eye Clearing
    • Reading Exercises related to health, work, relationship, and past lives

    This training is highly recommended for individuals who are highly sensitive and feel overwhelmed by the emotions and thoughts of others. This course provides a framework for strengthening, grounding, and validating our intuitive natures. It is valuable for anyone – from any background, career, or life situation.

    Upon completion of the 30​-hour course, you will also receive a personal session with the teacher to help integrate the information learned.

    Level 2:

    In the second level, the reading tools that have been acquired in the first level of Clairvoyant Training are clarified, deepened and expanded. Students will have the opportunity to focus more on self-healing through reading and healing chronic issues and boundary issues.

    During this level, you will learn:

    • Energetic Boundaries
    • Shadow Work
    • Identifying and Clearing Belief Systems & Programs
    • Energy Cords
    • Holding Space
    • Removing Entities


    We learn a new way to identify and heal belief systems and programming. Continuing in a concrete and step-by-step approach, the materials demystify the dream and astral realms. The method to clear and hold space in a room is introduced. Students will empower their selves and their reading abilities with more tools to assist others in reading and healing.

    Level 3:

    Upon reaching this level, you will continue to deepen, expand and enhance your reading for others with new tools and perspectives. This is very much ‘a philosophy of reading’ class. You will be divulging answers to questions like Why do we read? How do we heal? How do we support the journey of the soul for ourselves? What is spiritual materialism? How do we stay in integrity with reading? We learn more about being and presence through safe practical instruction for astral projection.

    The reading exercises that will be covered in this level are:

    • Dharma
    • Core Pictures
    • Fear Pictures
    • Third Possibility
    • Heart Healing
    • Seven Year Cycles Reading
    • Stuck Pictures
    • Talking to Deceased Loved Ones

    Benefits of Clarivoyance

    We all have had moments where we trusted our intuition and went with our “gut feeling” only to have the results turn in our favour. That intuition or the feeling of knowing something before it even happened is nothing but our inherent Clairvoyant power directing us. The benefits of Clairvoyance are as extensive as this phenomenon.

    Some of the benefits include:

    • “Prepare for the unknown: Clairvoyance helps us have a clear forewarning of what lies in the future.
    • Clarity and answers: the practice has proven to be effective to bring us closer to spiritual and emotional clarity and directs us to the answers of deep desires and unanswered questions
    • Meeting the inner-self: It bridges the missing channel between us and our inner-self to help us be aware of not only our surroundings, but also what lies within us.
    • Putting the past in the past: This psychic ability helps people to overcome any past traumas and aids them to move on from their negative emotional spectrum.
    • Healing and Opening up a spiritual channel: Clairvoyance assists the physical body to open a spiritual portal to heal any absent blocks in our surroundings.


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