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Illuminations is considered the most promising and organized platform for promoting healers, doctors, trainers in the field of wellbeing.

Illuminations, is a promising platform for healers, teachers and therapists to share their knowledge and expertise with an open-minded audience. Our services bridge the gap between the facilitator and the client, the the facilitator can focus on their job whilst we take care of everything else! Since 2006, Illuminations has been collaborating with a variety of highly qualified holistic professionals both locally in the UAE and internationally. Many of these healers, were either working from their homes, or did not have the right support system. Joining Illuminations has ensured their long-term success and growth in Dubai.

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Services for Facilitators

We provide the necessary support system for professionals to flourish through the following initiatives:


A Complete Training and induction for best practices as a successful facilitator


Event organizing, scheduling and planning


Designing all marketing& promotional content


Advertising, Sales, marketing & PR through innovative initiatives


Administration, accounts and budget planning


Space and F&B arrangements


High quality of client servicing through a professional management team

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Application & Joining Process

Our application process is very detailed and our quality control is extremely stringent to ensure we provide our clients with only the best of services.

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    Here is What they HAD TO SAY!

    "Till 2006, I was previously only working in India, until Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi, founder of Illuminations, found me on the internet and offered to promote my courses in Dubai. This collaboration has taken us both to accelerating heights, and I am grateful to Illuminations for this success."

    Yuvraj Kapadia

    Hypnotherapists, India

    Illuminations takes care of all aspects related to bookings, PR and promotional activities, so that I can dedicate and focus my full time to my passion - which is to help individuals heal.

    Vanya Silverten

    Theta Healer, UK