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Your Thoughts Can Change Your life

Ever wondered if your thoughts, beliefs or point of view really make a difference?

I constantly questioned and strived to understand this, and after much introspection and observation, it became crystal clear; that the one thing that creates my life experiences is the quality of my thoughts!

It’s true; your thoughts shape your life! What you think becomes your reality, be it your experiences in relationships, finances, career, health or any other aspect of your life.

If your mind constantly thinks that “life is a struggle” or “Money is hard to make” or “happiness doesn’t come easily” you will find yourself experiencing situations that reaffirm these negative thoughts, and such experiences once again strengthen these limiting thought patterns. This ultimately keeps you stuck in this cycle of low vibrating thoughts and reality.

Your Thoughts Can Change Your life
Your Thoughts Can Change Your life

The good news however is that if your negative thinking created undesirable experiences, your new way of thinking can reshape your life with ease and joy! All of this in just 3 simple steps!

Step 1 is to become aware of your limiting thought patterns. Begin by observing or journaling your thoughts on a daily basis without any judgement or bias. This will give you clarity on what you would like to change.

Step 2 is to be willing to shift your perspective; you can set an intention like, “I am open to change,” and consciously start to change your thoughts from negativity and fear to positivity and faith.

Step 3 is to have Trust, Patience and a Positive expectancy to receive all that you wish to experience in life. Go ahead and get addicted to happy thinking!