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5 Yoga Moves to Relieve Holiday Stress

Holidays are all about relaxation, a break from routine life and experiencing something different and fresh.

Soon, a harsh reality would kick-in once you return from your vacation. The transition from your holiday mood to regular routine can be stressful and challenging both physically and mentally.

This typically involves-

  • Pending office work?
  • A heap full of clothes?
  • Want to re-stock your grocery?
  • Never-ending emails?
  • Kids school homework.

Popularly known as the post vacation blues, it can seemingly get cumbersome to get back on track. The reason behind this is your sleep schedules are changed, your body is acclimatized to a different weather, and you have had larger than life experiences, as opposed to the humdrum of your life. Therefore, it is quite natural that you will have difficulty to stream back to your regular timetable.

Stress management therapy in Dubai has the perfect solution to manage this conundrum. Our experts at Illuminations Wellbeing center in Dubai suggest that an hour of yoga every day can help ease the holiday stress and focus on your inner self. Yoga heals you both physically and mentally, as there are different asanas (poses) which have significant benefits in releasing tension and stress.

Yoga is essentially a balance of mind-body exercises, which makes use of physical poses, meditation, breathing to help balance out the stress levels in your body.

We list down some of the asanas that will help you hit the routine with a fresh mind and body:

1.Tree pose (Vrukshasana)

A long holiday throws your body balance out of control. So do your concentration levels. To get your body, soul, and mind back in place to work in tandem, you can try the Vrukshasana pose where you need to stand on one leg, while the other leg folded. Stretch your hands up and concentrate on a single object in a room with regular breathing.

2.Legs up the wall

Were you an over-enthusiastic traveler during your holiday? Now all the walking around and jumping is taking a toll on your feet? Lie back with your legs straight up against the wall. Ensure that the toes are flexed towards you.

3.Extended Puppy pose

Meditation classes in Dubai recommend this yoga pose for the ultimate stress relief for your entire body. It is the perfect combination of downward facing dog and Childs’s pose. It not only helps release the stress in the spine but also the shoulders, upper back, arms. It is also a perfect exercise for managing anxiety levels, tension, and insomnia.

4.High Lunge pose

Depressed as you have to get back to work after a memorable holiday? Try the High Lunge yoga pose. It is known to relieve mild depression and help in rejuvenating the body. The backbend helps in releasing endorphins which can ease out your stress levels.

5.The Reclined Cobbler’s Pose

Tried out the local delicacies on your holiday? Now as you are back, has it thrown your digestion levels out of sync? Try the recliner’s cobbler’s pose. It is a very helpful pose in aiding digestion and making you feel relaxed overall.

Yoga is the ultimate therapeutic solution for managing any kind of anxiety level. Stress management therapy in Dubai aims to bring this age-old technique for today’s modern city-goer, which has tremendous health benefits and peace of mind.

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