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Why Theta Healing Has Become So Popular In Recent Times!

Do you always see yourself running around the same cycle of negativity? Sick and tired of feeling like you’re not making any progress in achieving your goals? Are the numerous deadlines creating chaos in your already-stressed mind? Or have you come to believe that no matter how much time passes, your past mistakes will just not stop following you around? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any one of the above questions, we urge you to read and learn about Theta Healing Therapy to help improve your lifestyle!

What is Theta Healing?


It is a mental training method established by Vianna Stibal in 1955, to help tackle any illnesses or remove the negative and roadblocks in your mind to eventually construct the desired pathway of your life. Through its meditation and spiritual techniques, the aim is to get close to and align with the Creator. The underlying philosophy is that the ‘Creator Of All That Is’ essentially is the spirit that holds the Universe together and will create changes in your life and do all the work while you are induced in a Theta State.


This practice believes in the Seven Planes of Existence which are cosmic forces which can only be seen and reached in a Theta state of mind. Usually, these theta brain waves occur when you are asleep, however, they are also present in deep meditation.


During a Theta state, your senses are unfocused on the outer world and are concentrated on the thoughts, emotions and signals emitting from your core and soul. Any energy, beliefs or factors that induce physical or emotional problems are identified and then released in order to evolve your body, mind and spirit. It is a powerful yet simple way to release the dark energy that hampers your well-being.

How does Theta Healing Therapy work?


Jed Diamond, a licensed psychotherapist, explains how energy disturbances in our body are the reason for illnesses and thus, energy healing is a good way to address these problems. His idea perfectly sums up the essence of energy healing and shows you how your own subconscious mind and internal notions dictate the way your life is going to be. Theta Healing therapy says that everything is constructed on one’s belief system and own natural intuition. Your thoughts, opinions and ideas create your divine reality. Here, people learn how their minds can lead to the best of their health and well-being.

During a session, an individual’s brain waves are slowed down to theta waves to enter a deep relaxed mental space. A guided meditation performed by a practitioner induces a theta state spontaneously, compared to traditional methods of psychology and behavioral science. The practitioner then probes and asks questions to detect hidden fears and beliefs that might be obstructing the individual’s potential well-being. Once these triggers are outlined, the process of releasing them and establishing new understandings for yourself is taken up. Measurable results are felt or seen quite instantaneously or at least in a few weeks. This therapy is practised alongside conventional medicine.


With meditation and focused mindfulness, a person’s perception of stress or anxiety is encountered and a sense of control is regained, thus empowering the individual. The pain that has been carried around internally is finally removed and this burden no longer exists. They have new beliefs that instill calmness or silence that occurs in just a few weeks. An atmosphere of unconditional love is created so as to help cleanse the negative beliefs. Theta Healing Therapy goes beyond just healing; it creates and uplifts an individual’s development.

Benefits of Theta Healing Therapy


By practicing this form of energy healing, you can benefit spiritually, emotionally and physically. In today’s world, most of us are always frantically checking things off a never-ending to-do list. Reaching towards more clarity, focus and productivity is on our minds but almost never gets its due attention. Stress management solutions in Dubai like theta healing therapy helps take away your fears and phobias and release the negative energy you have been mentally hoarding. You can learn to enhance your intuition, self-awareness and overall well-being, whilst experiencing a health transformation with the healing of your addictions and illnesses.

Health, wellness and stress management are important areas to address for your development. In case you are looking for a positive and powerful lifestyle change, our practitioners at  Illuminations Well-Being Centre in Dubai work with you on various energy healing services. They let you experience a combination of body scanning, gene therapy, disease whispering, DNA recoding and much more in a private session of Theta Healing. If you need a way to overcome your illness or anxiety or want a new method for stress management, Team Illuminations has got you covered with their Theta healing therapy, Reiki Healing and Stress management solutions in Dubai. To learn more about how a theta healing therapy session or stress management therapy in Dubai works, please visit our website or book a session today!

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