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The Power of Timing 2

Why the Power of Timing will keep your 2019 ‘Happy’ & ‘New’ for 365 Days

Perfect Timing is turning limitations into new creative possibilities! 

 – Amy Larson

Happy New Year Everyone!

Now that we’re done with the parties, the subsequent cleanups and have probably made a few edits to our very ambitious ‘new year resolutions’, it’s time to get to work – specifically, it’s time to get the universe to work for you!

It is possible to truly make this year different from the others where we get excited for a new beginning, promise ourselves that THIS is the year we will stick to our resolution. However, our resolutions don’t usually last beyond a couple weeks (right about this time). This can happen for many reasons but 99 percent of the time, if you dig deep you will find that the resolution faded away for one very simple reason –

The resolutions we choose are very restrictive, superficial, short term and based on external expectations of us instead of being well thought out plans that go step-by-step.


Because our new year goals usually involve awareness of all the unhealthy habits we have. But instead of focusing on what positive attribute we want to develop, we focus on what we DON’T want to do anymore. Constantly depriving yourself of something is not sustainable in the long term and eventually leads to a crash and returning to the habit.


Because a lot of our resolutions are often thought up in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which are fueled by guilt (again, not sustainable); or are then so generic that they have no specific direction.

Short term

Because our goals are restrictive and surface-level, they rarely last beyond the first few weeks.

External expectations

When something is not well thought out and surface level, chances are that we are picking it up from somewhere because we haven’t put any effort into thinking it through.

Instead of setting ourselves up to fail and losing the long-awaited chance that the new year brings us, we need to think beyond just the beginning of the new year and think about the little steps that will help us get through the entire year as if it’s new and happy!

In an ideal world, we would all be able to keep up with what we promise ourselves, but we often convince ourselves that due to innumerable external factors, we gave up.

But what if WE were the ones holding OURSELVES back?

What if our reluctance to act when needed and let go when needed was what was stopping our goals from manifesting? What if we were unknowingly building barriers instead of letting things flow and come to us? What if we were trying so hard to control every aspect that the moment we faced a little resistance from the universe we took it as a personal failure and reserved all our energies for the next year, only to repeat the same thing again?

What if we could avoid all this?

We Can !!

By recognizing and embracing the wisdom of divine timing, we can help the universe help us in manifesting our true goals and intentions and keep growing throughout the year! But what is divine timing? Divine timing simply the timing of the universe, which we are an essential part of – what we do affects the timing of the universe and what the happens in the universe affects our own timing and growth.

We need to trust the universe with our goals and intentions and also that they will be realized for us when the time is right. Very often, we have unrealistic expectations (of ourselves and those around us) that make us want to control and micro-manage everything, because of which a plan set in motion by the universe can get delayed or the opportunity may pass us by and we never even notice it! At the same time, it is not to say that we don’t need to do anything at all once we have set our intentions. The idea is to strike a balance between moving towards your goal and recognizing when the universe is asking you to pause, sprint or turn around completely. The universe ultimately does know what’s best for us. But we still need to do our share – which is set positive, intentional, progressive and specific resolutions that last for the whole year!

Here’s a few ways to do that-

Visit New Places for the First Time
  • Visit New Places for the First Time

    When was the last time you traveled? Looked at something in awe, stunned by its novelty and beauty? Travel, we can all admit, changes us. It exposes us to different perspective and different realities and makes us take a step back and look at our own lives.

  • Don’t Waste Time

    Doing things that won’t make you healthier, happier, more productive and instead focus on things that bring joy and fulfillment. No more superficial stuff!

Don’t Waste Time
Be on Time. Don’t Procrastinate
  • Be on Time. Don’t Procrastinate.

    Even though this sounds like something your boss may tell you, but it is true for everything in life. Show up on time for work, but also show up on time for family. Don’t procrastinate projects so you have more time for playtime with your children.

  • Try New Experiences for the First Time

    When was the last time you did something for the first time? Have you been waiting to try that new Zip Lining Adventure? Join that Salsa Dance Class You always wanted? Or how about a new healing or meditation experience? Exploring a class where you can meet new people and interact with like-minded souls who share the same passions that are closest to your heart?

Try New Experiences for the First Time

If you can commit to honoring the value of time, then all you have to do is sit back and have faith & Trust in the timing of the Universe! After all, the universe is a meticulous clockmaker. Its timing is always perfect.

Go ahead and take your first step into making 2019 the year that starts the change you can look back upon and smile at.  Use this time and opportunity to make goals that aim for holistic wellness, joy and having tools that help you turn challenges into victories. Plus, this is a journey you do not have to undertake alone. We at illuminations are happy to help you every step of the way. Come in for a consultation at one of our branches and see how far you can go in life!

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