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What you must know about negative energy removal

Negative energy is hard not to notice. We all feel a little down once in a while, for reasons that are not entirely visible on the surface – but what if you always feel like that? What if everything around you seems to constantly lack lustre; making you feel annoyed, gloomy and fidgety all the time? This is probably the presence of negative energy manifesting itself. It is quite unpleasant to feel and it is important for your well-being that you remove negative energy.


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It has often been reported that people feel ‘lighter’, and ‘less stressed out’, after cleaning their houses! Scientists and psychological researchers have reported findings that state that people who live in cleaner houses are less likely to feel depressed and fatigued . Energy remains in objects, and stays stagnant in older objects – thus blocking our path to move forward. Doing away with unwanted and old things, especially those you haven’t used in a while, is bound to make you feel much calmer!

Add fragrance to your environment


Burning incense sticks for spiritual healing and meditation dates way back to the ancient times. The smell of incense sticks is known to have a soothing effect on the environment, thus enhancing positive energy rather than just doing away with negative energy. In fact, adding fragrances in the form of diffusers and vaporisers can also help. International Flavours and Fragrances Inc. conducted a research to understand how aromas impact moods. It was found that when exposed to certain scents, the electromyography stress response in the shoulder areas of participants was significantly reduced. Sandalwood and Jasmine incense sticks are examples of great scents to restore positivity to your environment. If you choose to use essential oils, lavender, lemon, cypress and frankincense are powerful removers of negative energy!

Burning and smudging sage


An ancient practice, burning and smudging sage to cleanse and purify the air is a popular one for negative energy removal! Sage smoke is extremely beneficial, as it calms you down; and removes negative energy by banishing impurities in the air! To learn how to smudge sage, you can check out this blog we found!


Let in fresh air


You are certainly aware of how we air out clothes when they smell musty. To draw a parallel, it is important to ‘air out’ your home. Open the windows. Breathe in the freshness. It is important. A Kansas State University study found that medical patients who are exposed to fresh air from open windows and plants in the room have significantly lesser anxiety, blood pressure, fatigure, and stress.

Add colour to your life


Did you know that the colours you are surrounded by can play a major role in the removal of negative energy? Orange is a great mood and confidence booster; deeper shades of blue improve efficiency, while light shades are great for peacefulness; green is healing and it signifies fresh starts and can enhance your drive to work towards fulfilment and prosperity; purple is the colour of royals and can help promote spiritual cleansing and healing; and yellow enhances your focus.

In addition to the above, you can find a number of ways to tackle negative energy. You can learn how to meditate, or have your chakras healed. You can also visit specialists in shamanic healing and pranic healing, so as to learn how to harness powerful positive energy to ward off negative energy. The most important thing to know about negative energy removal is that you are always entirely in control of it. For energy healing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, energy healing masters at Illuminations will be pleased to guide you towards energy healing courses (Dubai and Abu Dhabi). For inquiries and questions, write to us here.

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