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What Parents Should Know About Teen Anxiety & Panic Attacks?

What Parents Should Know About Teen Anxiety & Panic Attacks?

“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.”

― Matthew Jacobson

Being a parent of a teenager can be challenging at times. Teens value their social life more and often struggle with academic problems, peer pressure, physical and emotional changes. This overwhelming pressure can lead them to anxiety and panic attacks. Though for anyone else anxiety attack might look harmless, for anxious teens it’s a fight-or-flight situation. Doctors and mental health consultants suggest anxiety panic attacks treatment to help your tense teen coping with a panic attack.

Anxiety in Teens: Signs and Symptoms

Every teenager experiences anxiety more or less. Especially when they are nervous or overwhelmed, feeling stressed and anxious is natural. You might have observed your teen being uneasy or awkward before a school test, a date or any social gathering. Sometimes they complain about sweaty hands and racing heartbeat just before the exams or any important sports event. So how can you differentiate the anxiety disorder from normal anxiety?

Signs of Anxiety and Panic Attack

Physical and Emotional Changes

Physical and Emotional Changes

Physical and emotional ups and downs are a crucial part of adolescence. Although some anxiety signs resemble common complaints; look for the frequency and patterns of these signs to be sure whether your teenage daughter/son is developing or suffering from anxiety:

    • Frequent headaches and migraines
    • Excessive fatigue
    • Complaints of feeling sick without any medical issue
    • Change in eating habits
    • Avoiding interaction with friends
    • Often spending time alone
    • Avoiding extracurricular activities
Sleep Disturbance

Sleep Disturbance

Sleep is food for our brain. The National Sleep Foundation suggests 8-10 hours of sleep for teens. However busy academic life having frequent exams, submissions and extracurricular activities has cut out on teenagers’ bedtime. Thus, it becomes necessary to know whether sleep disturbance and fatigue are because of a busy schedule or anxiety.

    • Frequent nightmares
    • Difficulty in falling and staying asleep
    • Feeling tired and fatigued even after sleep
Poor Performance at School/College

Poor Performance at School/College

Consistently falling grades and poor academic performance is often alarming for both parents and teens. As anxiety affects eating and sleeping habits along with other physical and emotional changes, teens have a hard time concentrating on and keeping up with their academia.

Watch for these signs to ensure whether the child is suffering from anxiety:

    • Significant fall in grades
    • Feeling overwhelmed by the workload
    • Complaining about or struggles to concentrate on assignments more than usual

Symptoms of Anxiety and Panic Attack

Symptoms of Anxiety and Panic Attack

Signs tell you whether your teenage son/daughter is dealing with nervousness; these symptoms can prepare you for when your teen is about to have a panic attack:

    • Sweating and trembling
    • Dizziness
    • Difficulty in breathing
    • A feeling of fight-or-flight situation

Panic attacks sometimes can be more frequent and severe, which leaves both parents and a teen frightened. Seeking the best doctor’s help and treatment for panic attacks in Dubai is necessary and advisable in such cases.

How to Help Your Teen Coping with Anxiety?

How to Help Your Teen Coping with Anxiety?

As a parent, you need to be calm, patient and be prepared to handle your teen’s anxiety problems and panic attack. Though seeking professional help and proper treatment for anxiety in Dubai is advisable, you can help your teen coping with anxiety till you reach the doctor:

Before and during anxiety panic attack

    • Educate yourself about anxiety panic attack
    • Practice relaxation techniques
    • Convince your teen that it is harmless anxiety

After an anxiety panic attack

    • Understand the panic attack triggers and patterns
    • Reduce their avoidance of visiting places or doing things that caused panic attacks
    • Instill self-care in your teen

Anxiety in a Teen is Curable

Anxiety in a Teen is Curable

Anxiety and panic attacks affect your teen’s physical health and mental well-being. Even with fostering the knowledge and the techniques to control and reduce anxiety, both parents and teens feel overwhelmed and helpless at times. Here comes the role of anxiety panic attacks treatment from expert mental health therapist, which can treat panic attacks in a teen completely.

Treatment for Panic Attacks in Dubai

Treatment for Panic Attacks in Dubai

Illuminations Well Being Center provides treatment for panic attacks in Dubai. Here professional and expert therapists examine and consult anxious teens to find out anxiety triggers and patterns from their thought patterns, beliefs, emotional responses, and parental programming. The therapists cordially practice medication and techniques including life coaching, emotional intelligence, and counseling. The best practice of treatment for anxiety in Dubai includes:

    • Identifying triggers
    • Reprogramming thought patterns and behavior
    • Emotional management techniques
    • Cognitive behavioral coaching
    • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Illuminations Well Being Center practices effective treatment for anxiety in Dubai. Having witnessed and helped clients for over a decade, experts at Illuminations believe that almost every problem in adulthood has a root in childhood. Thus, parents need to acknowledge and seek anxiety panic attacks treatment on time to help teens grow into confident and positive persons.

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