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Unloading your emotional baggage can help you shed the extra pounds

It is no secret that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand, but have you ever wondered how much they depend on each other? Do you remember that time you were feeling a little blue, so you allowed yourself a bit of a sugar rush? Maybe drank a little too much coffee, because the caffeine helped you feel more alive? While it may have helped alter your mood in the moment, it may have unfortunately affected you more negatively than positively.


Several studies have found that depression leads to disturbances in your appetite and lowered energy levels that are further fueled by a lack of motivation to engage in physical activity. Fluctuations in appetite can make you feel extremely low on energy, so when you consume sugar, caffeine, alcohol or similar comfort foods, you experience spikes in energy. When the energy drops, you feel low again. This, in turn, leads to unhealthy weight gain, which causes a cyclical effect and worsens depressive states.


Naturally, the solution is to act upon it, so what do you do? Very often, you start imposing strict dietary regimes on yourself, and resolve to wake up early every morning and exercise – only to find that the habit does not stick, so you end up feeling worse. We suggest approaching it differently. Emotional states contribute to your physical health to a larger extent than you realize. Turbulent emotional states can cause fluctuations in your appetite and increased feelings of sadness, anger or other unpleasant emotions. According to research conducted in recent years, the emotional freedom technique is one of many emotional cleansing therapies proven to help people attain and maintain their ideal body weight.


A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

Most programs that try to teach you to lose weight focus solely on behavioral choices, which doesn’t help because the underlying foundation for long-term weight loss and achieving a healthy body consists of other factors. At Illuminations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the workshop focuses on these underlying factors and helps you experience a wonderful journey towards creating a happier and healthier you!


Our resident therapist at Illuminations Well-Being Center, Sarmistha Mitra has created a program that incorporates Sheila Granger’s concept of a Virtual Gastric Band with nutritional psychology. Gastric Mind Band therapy is an interesting and scientifically proven technique that uses hypnotherapy to help a person reduce their appetite and their cravings for unhealthy, addictive foods. This helps with their subsequent weight loss. Focused around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Gastric Mind Band has become increasingly sought-after, owing to its interesting take on helping you lose unhealthy weight.


This field of therapy has found that how we feel about what we eat sends signals throughout our digestive system and body and regulates how well we metabolize the food, along with how efficiently the nutrients from the food are used. This ties directly into the placebo and nocebo effect that has been studied extensively and verified in multiple disciplines of science. Every thought and feeling about the food we eat, have proven to be highly effective for promoting maximum efficiency in digestion.


How can you apply this in your own life? Simply by changing your habitual thoughts and feelings about the food you eat. Of course, that gives rise to the question of whether it actually works or not. Look around you and speak to anyone who has ever changed their habits around eating because they believed the changes in habits would help them. Not simply someone who adopts temporary diets, but actual changes to their habits in life and feels positive about their choice to change those habits. You will notice how much of a difference it can make to just change your thoughts and feelings towards the food you eat.


The Illuminations weight loss program takes place over five weeks, offering 5 one hour sessions, wherein each session utilizes techniques that are designed to help bring about a permanent change in the client’s eating habits, while helping them focus on the person they want to be and not on the person that they don’t. The techniques employed are:

Emotional Freedom Technique

Nutrition and Diet Charting

Yoga Therapy


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy


Neuro linguistics programming and life coaching for setting and reaching goals

It takes about 28 days, on an average, to form a habit; which is why our program takes place over five weeks. We aim to form a long-term habit that can take you a long way, rather than a short-term fix. Our program also includes a back-up audio clip for you to listen to everyday, so as to help reinforce new messages that aid permanent change in behavior. We also like to provide our clients with personalized audio clips at the end of each program, so as to help them focus on their own goals – this is, of course, not mandatory, but can help a great deal.


To register for the workshop and learn more about our weight loss program, or other services such as emotional healing, chakra healing, hypnotherapy and more, please contact us or book your free consultation today!

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