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Understanding Karmic Relationships and Soul Contracts

Understanding Karmic Relationships and Soul Contracts

Connections and Relationships are at the very core of human needs and evolution. We find ourselves immersed in relationships throughout our lives. These could be family, friendships, romance, mentors, guides, role models and so on. I do believe there are no coincidences in life thus even the relationships we attract in life are always for a reason. If life can be looked at as a journey, our relationships over the years truly shape our experiences and affect our learning, goals, and desires!

A simple reflection of our personal lives would give an insight into the different kind of relationships we have in life. Some are easy going, pleasant and happy. Some are intense and passionate with extreme emotions involved! Some relationships can be long-lasting and peaceful or some extremely short yet life changing!

As a relationship counselor therapist and healer at Illuminations, I have witnessed many peoples personal journey towards wellness, and it’s fascinating to see how much influence and value relationships have in one’s life. Since all relationships are not the same, it’s interesting to understand why some of them have a strong effect on us while others don’t!

Understanding Soul Families

One way to look at this is, that our physical bodies belong to this earth and time-space reality but our spirit is from the infinite source that connects us all at a deeper space.

From this space, we carry in our souls, desires, and learning’s for this journey on earth. Our relationships with other souls, be it family, friends or partners – who appear at different times and phases of life are crucial to keep us aligned to the true purpose of this life! These souls are often an important part of what we term, our soul family!

There’s no one formula that applies to all but we can distinguish some key characteristic patterns in relationships that can give more clarity and understanding to why we feel the way we do.

Understanding Soul Families

Understanding Karmic Relationships

We also have those relationships that trigger our deep karmic lessons and therefore are always teaching us something in life that we may be resisting or not open to embrace easily. A karmic relationship gives an opportunity to complete a desire or an unresolved lesson from a different time, space or dimension that needs closure. Karmic relationships tend to be very intense and passionate with strong emotions and expectations. They are not necessarily long lasting relationships but they demand shifts and changes in your actions, choices and behaviors perhaps to heal and resolve what you have chosen to achieve in this lifetime! Once the lessons are learned these relationships often slips and drifts away. Such people enter your life at key moments and influence your choices towards certain directions in life!

Our relationship counseling services at Illuminations often explores these karmic patterns, providing more reason to some of the illogical emotional ties we often find ourselves in repeatedly!

Understanding Karmic Relationships

Understanding Soul Contracts

When we are born, it is no coincidence on who our parents are, where we are born and so on… when a soul decides to incarnate on earth it makes many choices before it chooses to incarnate.

At this level itself the soul choose the parents. This is one of the most important decisions as it lays the foundation to all the lessons and learning the soul chooses to go through! We also never come down alone on this journey; aside from our physical family we also have our soul family who is with us on Earth. These are people who come into our lives from time to time as parents, friends, siblings, family, partners etc. who have agreed to be part of our life to support us towards evolution and wholeness of our purpose of life on earth. Members of our soul family appear in our life across time and with some of them there is such a deep sense of knowing and resonance that defies logic! Many a times these encounters are referred to ‘meeting my soul-mate’

Often the term soul mate is mistaken for a single romantic partner in life, but that’s not the case; a soul mate can be anyone who is destined to be part of our life and leads us towards our purpose and growth.

Understanding Soul Contracts

Evolve and Rise

Since life is not just destiny but also Free will – the timings, duration, intensity, patterns, and the number of appearances of our karmic bonds and soul contracts would depend a lot on our awareness and level of consciousness. Once lessons are learned and healings are complete we have free will to choose whether our relationships evolve together or separate and move into different directions for the highest best of the most important relationship of all – which is of us with ourselves! We invite you to explore these areas by visiting us at Illuminations if you wish to gain more insight into your spiritual journey of life and relationships!

Evolve and Rise

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Bharti illuminations

Bharti Jatti Varma

Hypnotherapist & Wellness Coach

Bharti is a holistic therapist conducting various services on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Center in Dubai.

Bharti’s passion and communication skills make her extremely popular in front of larger audiences! She is also a chosen favorite with corporate programs due to her ability and flexibility to connect to anyone and everyone!

With a Background in Psychology and a keen interest to explore the intricacies of the human mind, body and energy system, she began her study in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Response and Energy Healing Approaches.