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The Truth about Psychics, Readings and Future Predictions!

One of the greatest inner skills to acquire is the art of knowing when to DO & when to BE.

Certain situations will require us to move forward by taking ACTION. Other situations will require us to sit back and observe with awareness.

But when we go through difficult times, the burden of stress often clouds our inner judgment & wisdom.

This is where an intuitive reader, psychic, or astrologer can be really helpful. Firstly, let’s be clear.

They are not meant to predict your future. 80% of your life is shaped by the power of your choices, based on your free will.

They can simply provide you with deeper insight by tuning into your energy field & tapping into your subconscious mind in order to provide you a probably outcome based on your present frequency of consciousness (thoughts, beliefs actions).


However, there is that 20% of fixed destined events in your life that are decided by your soul & carved out in your energetic soul blueprint. Similar to your thumbprint.

The energy you carry reveals your past, current, probable outcomes & destined events. Astrologers study them based on the snapshot of your stars on the day you were born. Tarot readers find them hidden in symbols & metaphors in cards.

All these forms of readings can provide you with clarity of thought & help you make a more informed choice about areas in your life such as your health, career, and relationships.

Many people feel that readings can be disempowering because people tend to depend on answers provided by these readers & hold their predictions as the ‘final’ fixed prophecy.

A genuine reader will provide you with a higher perspective in order to make a decision that will empower you to walk the path of your highest potential.

As they say, the best way to predict a future you want is to create it!

The readings we offer at Illuminations are intuitive card readings, tarot, astrology, clairvoyance & psychic readings & aura readings.

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