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The Powerful Connection Between Energy Healing & Immunity

In alternative healing, we look at the body energetically. When an illness or dis-ease strikes, something has caused a tremendous drain on the body’s energy reserves and immune system. The body’s own natural defenses have broken down, opening itself to an invasion of toxins, viruses, and bacteria, assaulting its system.

When illness or disease is indicated, the body is communicating to us that our way of thinking (although unconscious) is out of harmony with what is beneficial to our being. Illness indicates the need to change in our belief system and tells us that we have reached our physical and psychological limits. Illness is thus a gift whose purpose is to bring back the equilibrium in our being. The physical body does not create illness because the physical body can do nothing by itself. The source is located in the unseen issues of your unconscious and subconscious mind, or what science calls “cellular memory.”


Dr. Candace Pert, a Research Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine Washington DC, demonstrated that the mind is not confined to the brain. Instead, the mind is a “flow of information” moving between all cells, organs and systems of the body. This in- turn implies the body is no longer separate from the mind and that the body is the mind.

Whenever we feel pain in our physical body, it is our body’s way of constructively communicating with us that we are not in integrity or at “ease’ with not just a part of our body, but also in our mind. Therefore, we are prompted to take the required action, in order to come back into balance and harmony.

Pain may be perceived as a ‘negative’, however, it is painless diseases, which are most dangerous because, by the time you detect it, it’s sometimes too late!

What is essential is how we deal with this pain and our intention to focus not just on cure, but also prevention.

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