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The Power of Rebirthing Breathwork

When we think of the word ‘detoxification’, most people instantly think of only diets or juice fasts. However, that is just physical detoxification. Emotional detoxification, on the other hand, is as integral and essential as any other therapeutic modality. It can be something as simple as rhythmic breathing however, this action will astonish you with spectacular results and will manifest into a radiant life energy.

So what is Rebirthing Breathwork?


In this process, the manner of breathing is used as a transformative tool that helps you gain insight into your unresolved issues and trauma. The Rebirthing Breathwork Technique is also called the ‘conscious connected circular breathing’ technique, which connects to you previously inaccessible, spiritual and emotional memories. This purposeful and systematic breathing technique unearths behaviour patterns and levels of vulnerabilities that your own consciousness might be unaware of. Once these inhibitions are realized, the Spiritual Therapist works with the individual to dissolve the tension that has been built up over time.

This method was first discovered by Leonard Orr in 1962 , taking him about 10-15 years to develop it into a multidimensional technique. Since then, various connected breathing approaches have been developed however, the base principle remains the same:  there is a direct connection between our mental and physical health which can be linked through our rhythmic breathing. Team Illuminations with their groundbreaking, transformational techniques further elaborates on this Therapeutic Breathing Therapy.

How does it work and what are the benefits?


The best aspect of this Conscious Energy Breathing method lies in its safety and simplicity. With the guidance of a Breathwork facilitator, you can relax, lie down and simply concentrate on breathing. During a session, your breath helps in accepting that your ideal life scenario is possible and dissolves any resistance you might have built within you.

Through this Breathwork therapy, you experience increased focus in thought and increased metabolic speed in the body. It instils more trust and confidence in your soul and mind. It benefits individuals who are experiencing grief or loss or going through depression or anxiety. With these breathing exercises and classes, you can reduce symptoms of cravings and addictions as well. It also combines creative and positive habits to be an efficient tool for self-improvement and development. Moreover, it helps you get to know yourself even better!

 To experience the truly amazing benefits of breathing as a healing modality, Advanced Breathing Therapy courses and Rebirthing Breathwork in Dubai can be found at Illuminations Well-being centre. There are abundant workshops, training, and facilities for Breathwork Therapy in Dubai. It’s time you head over to the website and book your transformational session now!

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