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The Power of Living in the Present!

Life, as we know, is all about choices and one of the best choices that you can make is the choice to live in the Present.

But, what does ‘Living in the Now’ really mean? To understand it very simply it is the ability to be completely aware and experience life as it unfolds every moment without getting tangled in the past nor being worried about the uncertainty of the future.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So, with a strong desire and some simple exercises, you can train your mind to be in the Now.

The power of the breath is known to all of us, so I will share with you 2 simple Breathing exercises to initiate this process.

Spend a few minutes every day to practice this and gradually see the technique and effects become a way of your life.

  1. Cleansing Breath: A beautiful way to release negativity like anger, stress, and frustration. Just close your eyes, and gently breathe in through the nose inhaling positive energy and blow out through the mouth exhaling negative energy or emotions. Repeat this cycle 21 times and then return to normal breathing.
  2. Awareness to Breath: As you resume to your natural breathing pattern, feel the breath moving in and out of the body and become completely aware of this process. Every time you notice that your mind wanders off or starts to judge your experience very gently with compassion direct it back to the breath. Enjoy this process for a few minutes till you feel comfortable and it will start getting easier as you make it a regular practice.

Enjoy the Present moment!

To learn more you can enroll in our meditation classes for beginners that will strengthen your practice!

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    Bharti illuminations

    Bharti Jatti Varma

    Holistic Facilitator & Corporate Trainer

    Bharti is a holistic therapist conducting various services on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Center in Dubai. Bharti’s passion and communication skills make her extremely popular in front of larger audiences! She is also a chosen favorite with corporate programs due to her ability and flexibility to connect to anyone and everyone! With a Background in Psychology and a keen interest to explore the intricacies of the human mind, body and energy system, she began her study in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Response, and Energy Healing Approaches.

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