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The Power of Cellular Memory Healing

We have a natural tendency to think the problem is our current circumstance, but this is often inaccurate. If we invest our energy in changing our circumstances as the source of our problems when our circumstances are not the source of the problem, we simply create more stress!

Over the last 50 years and especially the last 15, experts have verified that the source of your symptoms of pain and anxiety is usually not located in your body or even in your environment. The source is located in the unseen issues of your unconscious and subconscious mind, or what science calls “cellular memory.”

How does it work?


The cell is a data “chip” by its definition. Our perceptual memories and beliefs are stored in the cell membrane and constantly being transmitted to the brain for interpretation. The mind responds to these vibrational messages by creating coherence between belief and reality. In other words, when your cells transmit to your mind, the mind works diligently to create the same chemical reality in your body. Thus, if you believe you will get sick, your mind will coordinate your cells to make it true. And if your cells transmit signals suggesting you are vibrant and healthy, your mind again will go about making that happen. This power of perception is demonstrated in studies, which found adopted children get cancer with the same propensity as their blood siblings both raised in the same family, yet
from different genetics.

What does this mean?


It means that we are NOT victims of our genes as we used to think. We can change our perceptions and thus change our health. That’s highly exciting news! The old biology used to take away choice and control the outcome. When you tell people they are victims, their power is diminished. Cellular Memory Healing & Therapy can help people change their perceptions so they can change their outcomes.

Our Cells carry memories from 5 main areas:


1. Current Experiences

2. Childhood

3. Past Life

4. Mother’s womb (Intra-Utrine)

5. Foreign Energies

Cellular memory therapy will aim to clear memories that are embedded in the cells from these areas. Cellular Memory Release (CMR) is an effective, practical synthesis of tools for accessing and freeing the trapped, stagnant life force held inside the cells of your body. The crystallization of this life force within the cellular the memory of your being is the root cause of most manifested life imbalances, be it physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual.

Benefits of Healing on the Cellular Level:

  • CMR Therapy can help people change their perceptions so they can change their outcomes
  • Release of repressed fears, traumas, and wounds that are stored within the cellular memory
  • Become aware of pattern-based sufferings
  • Identify, deactivate and release the thinking patterns associated with the beliefs that created a painful pattern in the first place
  • Overcoming physical pain, sadness, anger, and fear become possibilities for healing and having access to our true potential
  • Gives us the chance of awakening to a deeper sense of our inner self
  • Begin to heal the physical body
  • The most important element is taking responsibility for your life after the session is complete
  • You accept your life as it is with an intention to shift it in a way that supports and resonates with your authentic self

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