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How to Survive a Relationship when One Partner Isn’t Spiritual

Being in a committed relationship is the best feeling in the world. The joy of sharing your experiences with the one you love is extraordinary. However, what would you do if you find out that your better half isn’t as keen or passionate about exploring a spiritual path whilst you are?. How do you live with your partner or make your relationship work when you have set out on a spiritual path? How do you live with a partner who isn’t spiritually inclined let alone spiritually evolved?

  • Can Such a Relationship Survive?

These are some really burning questions but if you knock at the right door of a professional specializing in couple counseling in Dubai, you might just find the right answers. As humans, we crave for emotional comfort and sexual intimacy from our partners and though people who are spiritually evolved don’t pack their bags and settle in a secluded place to pursue their higher calling as some of us might think, they, however, move beyond the worldly and material pleasures. The way they handle issues related to life, marriage and children would completely change, and the couple who hasn’t yet reached that stage might find these choices, extreme, different or difficult to accept.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that a relationship wherein one partner is spiritually inclined and the other isn’t, won’t survive. Through mutual love, respect, and understanding the relationship can very much work wonderfully. Such couples can nurture and heal each other with the help of relationship counseling in Dubai. Since the spiritually inclined are more aware and in sync with the truth—the first step towards familiarizing the partner to this dynamic change—comes to them.

  • How the Spiritually inclined Partner Can Help Their Other Half Partner Adjust to The Transition?

One of the upsides of walking on the path of spiritual evolution is that such individuals not only become alive to their own feelings but also to others. Here’s how a spiritual partner can foster a balanced relationship—

  • By Not Imposing Their Beliefs and Practices on The Partner

By virtue of your awakening, as a spiritual being, you will be able to experience and understand life fully and you may want your partner to be able to do so but forcing them to follow what you believe in is not a correct approach. At the end of the day, your partner, as an individual, has all the right to live their life the way they deem fit. You should respect their life choices and in doing so, he/she will, too.

  • By Architecting a Sensible Approach for Conflict Resolution

As the spiritually awakened, you are more attuned to your emotions so when a conflict arises between you and your partner—it is your responsibility to address the bone of contention in a compassionate and caring way. To maintain harmony in your relationship, you will have to find a better way of communication and conflict resolution.

  • By Assessing Your Expectations From The Relationship

More than anything else, you want to first meditate on your expectations from your relationship. Your newly configured life calls for self-growth and deeper inner dialogues, which also means that your attitude and expectations towards your relationship will change. It is only when you are able to review your feelings and have a clearer understanding of what you want from your relationship will you be able to open more to your partner.

  • By Expressing Your Love to Your Partner

At the end of the day, you must recognize your responsibility in leading your partner to the cusp of the transition that your relationship will be undergoing. It is through love, compassion, empathy, and kindness that you will be able to help him/her come to terms with your spirituality and the changes that it will bring in you and your relationship.

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