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10 Sure-shot Signs That You Are an Old Soul

If you’ve heard somebody remark, “Oh, you are an old soul,” you can rest assured it is a compliment. The term ‘old soul’ usually implies that you are wise beyond your years and you are the one that loved ones turn to for advice and support. You usually have the simplicity of a child and want to do good for the world.

Sometimes, it can also mean that you may not feel like you fit in a world that prizes youthfulness and instant gratification. For instance, the Urban Dictionary defines an old soul as “someone who has a greater appreciation and understanding of things that might be dismissed by others their age.”

But it’s okay as there are many great things associated with being an old spirit. Let’s find out more.

Top Signs That You Are an Old Soul

If you know you are an old soul or if you want to confirm that you are one, here are the top ten signs that can help you understand yourself better.

1. You Seek Out Alone Time

You love spending time by yourself, either reading, pursuing something creative, daydreaming, or simply contemplating. You feel “peopled” out when you meet too many people and feel the need to recharge after a social event. This is usually because you tend to be in touch with the emotions of people around you and you end up feeling overwhelmed.

2. You Are Spiritually Inclined

Do you love spending time reading spiritual books or listening to YouTube videos that talk about something bigger than you and this world? If yes, you are likely an old soul. Old souls love exploring their spiritual side – they know about Eckhart Tolle’s new book and probably have an Alan Watts playlist on YouTube.

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3. You Focus on Meaningful Relationships

You probably have a handful of friends because meaningful connections are more important to you than having a long list of acquaintances. Also, your friends may be from different age groups, (mainly people who are older) or social backgrounds but you connect on a deep level.

4. You Have High Empathy

You will find that you feel more than others – in fact, you feel responsible for others and their emotions. Having high empathy is the hallmark of old souls. The concept of empathy was introduced in the mid-19th century and came from the German word “Einfühlung”. It meant an emotional knowing and feeling of a work of art from within. Theodore Lipps, a psychologist, expanded this concept to mean “feeling one’s way into the experience of another”.

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5. You See the Bigger Picture

You have always been curious about the workings of the universe, Mother Earth, or the cosmos. You are comfortable with knowing that you are just a speck in the vast universe. This also allows you to be more relaxed and easy-going because whatever problems come your way, you know that there is a solution to it and it’s only a matter of time that you will solve it.

6. You Have A Deep Insight

You are the one that people turn to for advice on life’s most important decisions because you can see with a wide perspective. Your insight and thoughts are valued because you tend to have an intuition, a knack for knowing what’s right and what’s not.

7. You Are Not Attached to Material Things

You are not concerned about making lots of money as you don’t associate joy with materialistic things. If you are using things or clothes until they last and are not the kind of person who wants to buy the latest iPhone or are constantly redecorating your home, you most probably fall into the old soul category.

8. You Appreciate Small Things

You take time out to appreciate a beautiful sunrise, you can sit for hours looking into the deep blue ocean, and you have no qualms in taking time outs during the day to keep your energy lifted. You know deep in your bones that life is about celebrating the little things, not just the big moments.

9. You Enjoy the Process of Self-realization

You have a special love for self-contemplation and self-realization. You like to focus on going inward and taking steps to improve yourself. Some may also be curious about their past lives as they have a deep knowing that they have had experiences before.

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10. You Just Feel ‘Old’

You just have that knowing feeling that you have been around for ages. One of the hardest parts of being an old soul is not feeling like you fit in when you are in your teens or 20s. There is this persistent feeling of being an outsider looking in, which usually gets better over time when you understand you are almost insanely logical and empathetic.

So, we suggest you start owning being an ‘old soul’ like the gift that it is!

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