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Stop Being Selfish – Live Your Purpose!

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you are supposed to be doing something else? Something that is only you can do? And have you ever then, doubted yourself for having had this feeling… rubbished it by reminding yourself that you were just another ordinary person who had no business thinking about being special in any way?


Well if the above is true for you then let me tell you:

Selfish? You may ask and my answer to you is yes again – STOP BEING SELFISH.

Each one of us is a unique spark of creation, special, perfect and complete. In the journey of our life, it is our job to simply find our own authenticity and then unabashedly live it. Expressing our TRUTH is our life purpose and we each express our truth in different ways.


It is through the expression of our uniqueness that The Universe/God expresses itself and this expression of our truth is always beneficial to mankind.

Let me elaborate just to confuse you further…

When you experience any kind of difficulty in your life, it solely exists to stir you in the direction of your truth so that through that seemingly difficult situation, you are able to blossom and bloom into the purest version of yourself.

Karma is the teacher who knows your potential and will nudge you through lifetimes to help you to shine. Sometimes well, oftentimes this nudging can feel like a punishment, like a wormhole through which there seems to be no way out and then people seek therapy to forgive, to release, to accept and this is all ok – in fact it is great to be able to understand your story as it will help you to get in touch with your truth. But I must say that getting lost in your story is futile and sometimes even detrimental to your progress because ultimately we as human beings are givers, here to give and express. It is through the authentic giving of ourselves that we can find lasting joy and contentment.


So if you are reading this then maybe it’s time to think. Rise above your story because your story is just that – a story. What is real is you-you are here to do something unique, special and authentic. The truth my dear friend is that the world needs you to live your divine life purpose. It is time for you to wake up and smell the aroma of your highest potential. Investigate your authenticity.

I often encourage people to explore Astrology, not because it can be used to predict the future – NO because nobody can do that, but because Astrology is a great way to meet your true self. It is like looking at a metaphysical photograph of yourself and a photograph does not lie. You may not like what you see, but the photo will show you the truth. Your birth chart is the divine blueprint of what you intended to express is the life journey. Everything charted out to help you to express your truth and highest potential not through fear but through love. The hardships the joys, the highs, and the lows, all to help you to come into your authenticity and live your purpose.


Take that step forward and meet yourself… you are special important and worth it!!