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New Year resolutions

Should We Plan for the New Year?

“I am so glad this year is coming to an end. I can’t wait for the New Year to start.”

“I hope the New Year treats us better than the old year did. Let’s drink to that.”

This is what people say as they ready themselves to celebrate the New Year.

Greetings flood your phones and social media. What excitement, relief, and happiness and what expenses and investments all based on this idea of the New Year.

It is just an idea.

There is no scientific explanation for this day to be so important. One day is followed by the other and so is the 31st followed by the 1st. In a way, this idea exaggerates the one year into one big thing and then the next year into another big thing. This is a fallacy. The new year changes nothing, except the date. The New Year hype creates a lot of excitement, anticipation, anxiety, stress, joy, bliss, and many emotions, all mixed together.

In my opinion, making such a big ordeal out of this idea is rather a fantasy! A fantasy that is rather irrational and emotional. Business uses this to sell more and make more and advertise it to a degree that nearly everyone on this planet is affected. Everyone purchases gifts, buys and eats more and even more so makes this a reason to get drunk?

Hope is What Planning for The New Year Is Based On

Most people work themselves up to the hype with great expectations. In my opinion, the main emotion generated is “hope”. It is a human tendency to hope for the better. Perhaps the hope for less death and more health, less struggle, greater abundance, and finding that relationship always looked for?

It is not two times as time can only be one time. One moment goes into another just like always.

New Year’s from A Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) View

If you look at the idea of the New Year under the auspice of NLP, it is a mistaken “between-time” snap made about two whole years. Between-time means a hop or jump between two moments of time. 365 days are put into one chunk called “the old year”. Then 365 days are put into one chunk called “the new year”. The one ends and the other begins? That is actually a fallacy as really one day goes into another by one minute going into another minute. If you look at it with a “through-time” perspective, which is connected time, it is not two years that clash at this point but one minute going into another minute naturally like every other hour and day and week and month. Through time means not clashing two moments in time but laying time out sequentially and experiencing moments in a linear fashion, which is what time really is.

So…Should We Plan for the New Year?

This concept of time moves you away from experiencing time as your possible enemy but makes time your friend.

Which leads to the next important question:

“Why should we plan for the New Year?”

Just as this idea of the two years explained as a fallacy above, it is also valuable to notice the astronomical perspective. There is a system of time that unites the globe. Have you ever thought about this amazing and fantastic phenomenon? Simply measured by the earth’s movement around the sun every part of the globe has its own time zone which all link up with each other according to the earth moving around the sun. This astronomical perspective easily can give us a justified “wow” experience.

Now here an interesting point of view: You are moving, and you are moving forward with every step a little more you are already moving toward your future. Your future is coming whether you do something about it or not.

Simple Tips to Plan for The New Year


This fact makes me strongly suggest to Yes, plan and project your New Year! However, you can plan and project at any day and for any year and at any time.

I firmly believe we have this amazing process of thought and emotion as human beings to use it. As we are moving already forward toward our future would it not be a good idea to most smartly do something about this?

See, the brain is like a taxi driver. If you step into a taxi and the driver asks you where are you going? Imagine you would say: I don’t know?  Then of course the taxi driver would again ask: Where are you going? Imagine you would respond with I am not going to 4654 Sheik Avenue. In some countries the taxi driver would already be angry and possibly shout at you again louder: Where are you going? Filled with frustration that he cannot begin the ride. Without an exact address, the driver won’t be able to drive you to the new location.

Your brain is like a taxi driver. If you do not give it a direction it cannot go.

Your steps need a direction when you walk and your brain needs a direction for its projection, so why not wisely plan where to go and how to move forward?

Many people do not like to plan because they think of possible failure. This is very common and justified as it does not work to plan your time just through mere visualization. Thought and visualization project your goals outside of you. The proper way to plan is to put your ideas and wishes inside of you into your body and let your body, which is connected to your subconscious, check, and modify.

Using the Time Matrix

Time Matrix

The “Time Matrix” is an easy-to-apply technique that includes your body. It also includes a system of constant modification in a way that you can never go wrong but always go right. It describes a changeable path that you decide from time to time for your desired frame of time. It sets you up for success.

If you knew a method that allows you to put your future out in a way that makes it become real, would you use it? If you say ‘yes” to this question, I suggest thinking about the year ahead. If possible, go even two or three (or more) years ahead.

Now, what guides you in describing the goals or accomplishments? It is important to first think about your overall outcomes and what is important to you about them. This is about creating your higher purpose.

According to your higher purpose, you then decide about your furthest destination according to time. After laying this out on the floor, please create time markers between the furthest destination and now. Describe what you would like to experience by stepping into it. As you step into it fully, feel it in your body as you see out of those eyes and hear out of those ears.

You may also use this Time Matrix, for instance, for planning out a project at work using one month as the furthest destination.

It would be great to plan five years ahead. I strongly suggest planning at least one year ahead. You can do this at any time. Now as this year goes into the next year, it is a very good time to sit down and do this work, because it is work. I suggest using this New Year as a motivation to get this work done. Yes, plan out your next year correctly and wisely!


Written by


Dr. Doris Greenwood

Internationally Renowned NLP Master Trainer

Dr. A. Doris Greenwood is a Master Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence and a Master Coach. You may visit her at or call +91-9049-31-9471

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