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Raise the Bar in Your Relationships Through Access Bars!


The relationship is defined as the distance between two objects. So we define our relationships by how close or far we are from each other. As we all know by now that our beliefs, thoughts, and point of views in life shapes our reality. So going by the same law, our point of views about relationships is shaping our reality in that area.

If I believe that marriage or a serious romantic relationship demands many compromises than that is what I will create. If I believe that a relationship makes me vulnerable and I lose control then I will create that. If I believe that no person can live with me because I am extremely set in my way of life and there’s no room for another to make space then that is what I will create.

These points of views develop early in life as we witness relationship from;

  • Parents
  • Relatives
  • Neighbors
  • Friends
  • Education
  • Different segments of society
  • Early experiences in romantic relationships; which play a role in shaping our belief systems

If we consciously try to become aware of our belief systems we might be able to access only 5 % of them. We have belief systems stored in a conscious mind, subconscious mind, cellular memories and DNA of our body. So in a traditional talking therapy session, you might get aware of 3 to 5 belief systems and you will debate which ones to keep which ones to release and that too with pain and effort.

In an energy healing system, the energy will penetrate in your body and like an anti-virus will detect anything that doesn’t work for you and delete it. One such example of energy healing is Access Bars. Access bars releases the electrical charge of unhealthy negative belief systems from our body. It works on cellular levels to dissipate heavy, negative thoughts, feelings, point of views that you picked up in this life and also across lifetimes. A classic Bars session would help to release at least 15 thousand belief systems. Every bars session would help you to peacefully release toxic beliefs, thoughts, traumas, patterns from our beings.


We get a clean slate and positivity to choose a better point of views, thoughts, and emotions for us. We start operating from consciousness rather than old and toxic beliefs. We can create our life from consciousness and awareness rather than being an effect of programming of toxic beliefs.

A classic session would be 1 to 1.5 hrs and its encouraged to take 3 to 10 sessions of Access Bars to allow serious changes to show up with ease. Changes will show up in all areas of life including health, money, relationships and overall well-being.

Let’s all create our lives with ease, joy, and glory!

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