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Power of Your Healed Inner Child

Inner child is that version within each one of us that freezes back in time, subconsciously because of some hurt/pain/trauma. It’s a known fact that when we experience pain, discomfort or some negative incident that pains us whether that is minor or major our versions get stuck depending on our priorities and this leads to us loosing ourselves more and more every single time.


A lost and stuck inner child leads to shifts and changes in eating patterns, sleep disorders, negative behavior, addictions, mood swings, energy shifts, miscommunication, and much more.

However just as our past baggage shapes us, our healed versions help shape us even more. This is the essence of inner child therapy. Inner Child Therapy helps us not only identify our past turbulent patterns, the toxicity, and make us aware but also helps us take action to heal this. This healed part significantly helps us shift our behavior, our approach towards life, and most importantly towards ourselves. This healed part is also the one that encourages the other unhealed versions within each of us to seek help.

For eg: A client I had, faced constant rejections in his personal romantic life. Every partner made him feel not good enough and inadequate in some way. When we worked through the inner child, the core inner child was the one in the womb stage that felt inadequate by the mother in the first place and ended up experiencing this continuous cycle.


Here once the core inner child was healed, felt completely loved, and accepted a significant change was observed in the client. His behavior shifted from chasing constantly to being mindful and attracting the right partner in a harmonious relationship. What was wonderful to observe was that the client no longer placed his self-esteem in his relationships. He finally realized that his relationships did not define him and were simply a part of his life. The healed inner child helped him get insight and awareness he had subconsciously repressed and helped him progress the right way.

Benefits of a healed inner child

  • Help facilitate speedy progress in therapy.
  • Help bring out massive behavioral changes for the better in an individual.
  • Stability from mood swings and energy fluctuations.
  • Bring to light a lot of insight and awareness within the individual which was absent earlier.
  • Help break vicious negative patterns.
  • Help eliminate toxicity in various aspects and instead attract harmony.
  • Stabilize relationships be it personal or professional.
  • Help in positive communication and harmonious expression.
  • Release negative habits and break free from addiction.
  • Shift from a disharmonious enmeshed system to a harmonious system in life.

Written By:


Zinnia H Bharucha

 Holistic Psychologist and Relationship Counselor

Zinnia is the Co-owner and manager at Holistic Solutions from 2015 a premier organization that has been training, healing, and providing relief to several individuals, families, businesses, and communities for their overall development and progress in life over three decades.

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