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Popular Holistic Healing Approaches at Illuminations Well-Being Center!

Healing is the new buzz word and more people are becoming aware of different holistic healing methods to work on a range of issues from physical, mental and emotional stress. Holistic healing treats the symptoms as a whole; mind, body and energy. This is not a direct replacement of conventional medicines and approaches but more like an add-on for better effectiveness.

Here are few of the most popular holistic healing approaches at Illuminations Well-Being Center. Many of them are used as combination.



This approach takes a person to their subconscious mind and there we explore root cause of certain issues. Client sometimes re-live a trauma in a safe way to release the heavy emotional charge from their mind and body. It’s a good approach to work for any issue as root of all problems are stored in subconscious mind of a person.



This is a good support method as it works on balancing important energy centers (chakras) of the body. People who receive reiki reports feeling relaxed, calm and overall more positive.



Techniques like EFT/ EET are using tapping to work on releasing emotions. The technique is very effective and brings about change almost instantaneously.

Aroma Therapy


Certain scents are holding deep relaxation and calm while others are refreshing and energizing. Aromatherapy is a whole new area of how scents can be used to work on our moods and energy levels.



The ancient civilizations utilized crystals into healing various im-balances in body. Even today many people believe crystals hold certain frequencies which can create a calming or energizing impact on a person. It also is a powerful approach to work on energy centers of our body.

Access Bars


Ongoing research in this groundbreaking technique provides support that access bars actually change brain waves and create a change in how we perceive an information. The technique eliminates/dissolves/resolves certain negative point of views we have about things in life thereby creating a neutral, happy state of mind.

Sound Healing


Sound waves have profound impact on our mind and body. Sound healing is all about using certain sound frequencies to bring about a balanced, calm state of mind. People experiences deep state of calm and excitement in a session. Tibetan singing bowls are very popular in this area.

Reconnective Healing


It is a scientifically proven method which involves using frequencies to bring about healing. Its gaining strong roots and lot of people testify that they benefitted with reconnective sessions.


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