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Pay What You Want (PWYW) at Illuminations!

Why we do What We Do

At Illuminations, our goal has always been to be more just than a ‘ wellness center’ or a healing business. Our mission is to inspire everyone to become aware of their unlimited potential by discovering the power that resides within their inner self.

Pay What You Want (PWYW) at Illuminations!

We can only fully realize and feel this potential, when we clear away our baggage, our fears and our limiting beliefs that we carry internally.

How Our Workshops Can Transform Your Life

All of our workshops are designed to do just that. When people who may not previously be aware of this truth, finally discover and experience it, their life starts to magically shift and every aspect of their external world (health, relationships, family, career) begins to positively transform!

Pay What You Want (PWYW) at Illuminations!
Pay What You Want (PWYW) at Illuminations!

Common Reasons People are Resistance Towards Change

Due to limitations in the external environment that we sometimes create, such as, the busyness syndrome, lack of awareness, fear & skepticism, financial constraints and most importantly because we don’t normally put investment in our inner self as priority, many of us miss the opportunity to consciously choose a life that can bring in so much more long term happiness and joy!

We truly understand that the knowledge and tools we have to offer should be available to anyone and everyone!

Our 100% Belief & Your 100% Freedom to Choose!

That is why we thought, rather than spending so much time convincing you to experience what we have to offer, why not try it for free and experience the value for yourself.

And so, we introduce to you the Pay What You Want Pricing Model (PWYW) for a few of our workshops here at the center.

Pay What You Want (PWYW) at Illuminations!

We want you and your friends and their friends and everyone around to experience this shift with an open mind and no financial obligation so that you can decide the value that you have received first hand and donate back to the Illuminations Well-Being movement accordingly. That’s how much we believe in what we have to offer!

The PWYW Model and how it Works

  • The PWYW model is a pricing strategy where buyers pay any desired amount for a given commodity, sometimes including zero.
  • The PWYW model allows us to take steps for the following:
  • Giving you, the client the freedom to decide the value you wish to give based on what you have received.
  • Creating a new culture of conscious consumerism where we give you the total freedom to decide the price you wish to pay and entrusting you to give whatever is best in your capacity based on your perception.
  • To spread awareness and allow you, your friends and their friends to experience the power of our inner potential without any fear of lack of worth of the service that you have paid for.

The PWYW will be listed on selected workshops on our initially. We request your support in spreading the word, attending these amazing courses and bringing along your friends and family!

Therefore, we welcome you on this amazing journey of personal evolution!

We thank a few of our facilitators who have supported this amazing initiative.

Most importantly, we thank you for contributing to our center and we hope in some way we have contributed in adding more light in your life.