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The Power of Rebirthing Breathwork

Through this Breathwork therapy, you experience increased focus in thought and increased metabolic speed in the body. It instils more trust and confidence in your soul and mind. It benefits individuals who are experiencing grief or loss or going through depression or anxiety. With these breathing exercises and classes, you can reduce symptoms of cravings and addictions as well. It...


Sound Healing: Just Another Noisy Trend?

Sound Therapy may appear to be intimidating and fancy but it is not as unknown as you would imagine. We’ve all self-medicated through sounds at least once before, haven’t we? There’s the ‘Run Wild’ playlist to keep your energy up during a workout session or listening to an ‘Unwind’ playlist after a long day of work. Sound is omnipresent; it...


How Astrology Can Empower You

Have you always believed that the map to your life was already drawn? But the thought of the sun, the stars, the planets – that how can something so far away from you have an impact on your life, eventually made you believe otherwise? Here’s how you can realize the path you’re supposed to take and explore this possibility, with...


Everything You Ought to Understand About Family Constellation Therapy

Tired of being unable to understand why you follow the same, unbreakable pattern? Are you also leaving no stone unturned in order to discover the underlying root cause of all your destructive and harmful behaviour? Family Constellation & Ancestral Healing Therapy in Dubai can be your next step to solve these worries, even if your attempts at all other doors...