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Overcoming the fear of failure when starting your own business

Hitting upon an innovative business idea is like winning the jackpot; except, it isn’t enough to have an idea. There is a seemingly daunting task ahead – the implementation of this idea. The uncertainty of implementing a new business idea can often give rise to feelings of anxiousness and the fear of failure. No matter how experienced you are or how brilliant your idea is, it is natural to feel a little jittery about how to go about this idea. If not confronted appropriately, the fear becomes more ingrained into your subconscious mind, causing it to arise unexpectedly in the form of anxiety. To avoid this pattern of fears arising, it is important to learn how to overcome the fear of failure. Take a look at these important habits that our team at Illuminations Well-Being Centre believe help in overcoming the fear of failure, when you embark upon your journey into the entrepreneurial world!

Establishing the intent


If you have decided to step away from the corporate world, so that you can pursue an entrepreneurial career, it is probably because you have identified what you would love to do! It is essential that you love what you do so that you can set the intention of your venture and be motivated to work towards your goals, even when things are not always going according to plan. Establishing the intention of your business will help you establish a clear mission statement that states how it will provide value to your potential customers. The law of energy reminds us that when you are true to your intent and are truly passionate about the product or service, you will be attracted to the right people at the right time, in the right place. Kate Northrup says that if you really want something, you will figure out a way to get it – and thus, setting your intent is important to chase after your dreams.

Setting goals


 When you set goals, you can draw out a blueprint of how to go about achieving them in the short-run and how they add up to the long run. It is important to set goals that are attainable, for which gauging the idea and understanding short-term milestones can be of great importance. Moreover, sometimes you must tune out your own mind when you begin to have second-thoughts. This trait that makes you chase perfectionism is a common one, which can help you stay motivated, but the key is to find a balance between your ideals of perfect and the goal at hand.

Understanding the challenges


It is not enough to just set goals and plan a routine of achieving these goals – it is essential to accept that there may be challenges along the way, as with every process. Different people encounter different challenges; often, you are told that being an entrepreneur can only mean that you have all the flexibility you want, as far as work timings go. However, the truth is that this flexibility can only come in when you are ready to forego the ideal work-life balance initially, while the project is taking off. Other challenges might include unforeseen circumstances, political events, legal challenges and so on. It is not always possible to prepare for challenges; but it is important to remember that the arrival of a difficult situation does not necessarily mean that you need to abandon your business venture! When you are posed with a challenge, it can help you evaluate your strengths and leverage them either for the challenge to work in your favour, or to navigate past the hurdle. Anticipating and accepting that there might be challenges can help you work through any resulting stress.



It can be of great help for you to identify what your priorities should be – for instance, do you need a team of people that can help you achieve the goals for your entrepreneurial venture? What operations should you be focusing on at the moment? What should come first and what next? How do you want to go about it? Setting goals can help you set priorities, and this can help you avoid feelings of uneasiness and the subconscious feelings that cause you to panic or feel anxious, because you begin to understand that you are actively ensuring that you do your best in this process, and that you have taken care to ensure that everything within your control has been accounted for.

Faith, Acceptance and Surrender


When embarking on a new journey, especially one as uncertain as that into the entrepreneurial world, it is important to maintain faith that everything will happen in good time, and with good reason. Another important trait to imbibe is that of acceptance. The acceptance of the fact that sometimes, no matter how hard you try or how much you give to your project, some things are not within your control is very crucial to help you keep your head held high. Along with your hardwork and faith, sometimes you have to wait for the right time for things to fall in place. Sometimes, you have to surrender to the divine timing of life and let things take their course!


As Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

If you find it difficult to focus on your work or find yourself posed with challenges that you are fearful of facing, our services can help you work through these problems and fears, so that you can navigate smoothly through your entrepreneurial journey. At Illuminations Well-Being Centre, our directed programs and services are designed to help entrepreneurs with different challenges along the way. When your beliefs and thought patterns end up limiting you from staying true to your potential, hypnotherapy can help identify and release you from these patterns that cause hesitance and apprehensions. For other stress-related problems and general anxiety issues, a simple google search – reiki healing near me – helps provide options on visiting a reiki practitioner for a powerful mind-science tool that can help you feel deeply relaxed and stress-free. Consult with an experienced life-coach in Dubai, to help wash away your fears and stress! Illuminations Well-Being Centre’s stress management therapy in Dubai offers hypnotherapy, reiki healing, meditation workshops and a lot more – integrating the best solutions, customised to suit your state of mind and to fulfil your needs of a stress-free life. Undergo mindfulness-based stress reduction today to end your fears and stress by booking a session here.

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