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Overcoming Negative Self – Talk through Powerful Mind Science Tools!

Very often, we end up feeling convinced that we cannot do something or that we are not worthy of the things we own or have in our lives. Humans tend to form mental blocks, either out of past experiences, overthinking, or a combination of both. This leads to a constant reinforcement of telling yourself things that make you feel down in the dumps as you invariably end up questioning your worth. Today, a number of powerful mind-science tools like neuro-linguistic programming can help you overcome your patterns of negative self-talk. We asked our resident NLP master trainer, Dr. Doris Greenwood, who also delivers NLP courses and training programs in Dubai, to explain what NLP is and how it can help in overcoming negative self-talk.

What is NLP?


Neuro-language programming is described as “a set of language and sensory-based interventions and behavior-modification techniques designed to help improve the client’s self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, and social actions.”

How NLP therapy can help you overcome negative self-talk


By connecting neurological processes, behavior and language, neuro-linguistic programming techniques and mindfulness rewire the neurological pathways of your brain. They help you overcome negative self-talk by getting rid of thought patterns that do not help you achieve your goals, and replacing these with modified and restructured patterns. NLP empowers you to be a passive observer of stressful thoughts. Instead of actively worrying about the things that stress you out, NLP shows you how to be a passive bystander, thus allowing you to understand the problem and why you might overthink it.

The NLP Treatment


The NLP technique for overcoming negative self-talk involves imagining the voice that speaks to you when you have negative thoughts and becoming familiar with how it sounds and what quality of the voice makes it sound negative. Then comes in an interesting step, wherein you imagine the voice in different remodeled forms, making for humorous effects or even kinder ones. This is to help you realize that the same destructive words can also be molded to sound positive, by offering you a different perspective on it, even if the words could still sound negative in isolation. You may also remodel the negative thought into an object, by visualizing its shape in different forms, all within your control. You could kick it and destroy it, thus reminding yourself it is you, who can do away with your negative thoughts and negative self-talk. Exercises of this sort as guided by a neurolinguistics programming practitioner can help release toxic thought patterns and emotions, as you are essentially observing the negative self-talk passively, thus making NLP an effective and powerful mind-science tool for negative self-talk.

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