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Neuro Linguistic Programming – Uniting the Body and Mind

Picture this, you are caught up with some important work at office and cannot make it to a friend’s party, you go to that friend’s desk and inform that friend. “Umm..okay yes, no issues,” says your friend. You immediately notice the friends body language and flat voice tone, you realize that your absence is definitely bothering him/her. The friends words said, ‘Yes’, but the non-verbal communication said, ‘NO, WHY?’ This is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), uniting the thoughts of your body and mind to get a cohesive action.

The Neuro Linguistic Programming in Dubai focuses on two main approaches on this, which are primarily, the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is always the goal setter and the unconscious mind is always the goal-getter. So the unification of both the conscious and the unconscious mind is what a person should practice to get the desired goals.

We Take a More Detailed Look at What Exactly is the Meaning of NLP

Neuro– It essentially refers to the brain or the mind and how your state of mind affects the communication, actions, and behaviors.

Linguistic-The literal meaning is language, but in this context, it means the non-verbal communication which we assert and the unconscious information which we indulge in.

Programming-This typically refers to our ability to change our minds and body states according to the situation. It essentially centers on the term ‘autopilot’. It is a collection of our thoughts, feelings, and reactions and how our brain structures them to communicate in a accurate manner.

  • The Actual USE of NLP-

NLP is used to treat various psychological issues such as any kind of fears, phobias, anxiety, stress or any kind of traumatic experiences.

An NLP approach can also be applied in personal development, increasing confidence, relevant communication and also achieve work-oriented goals.

  • The Actual Working of NLP-

NLP practitioners in Dubai intent on helping people to understand their mind and reciprocate in the way they behave. An NLP therapist makes use of various techniques such as visualization, kinesthetic disassociation, and the use of languages to bring out a change in a person’s behavior or help him/her make a

  • Different NLP techniques-

NLP involves the use of various therapies of combining the body and mind.

They are-

  • Anchoring- Taking cues of sensory experiences for immediate reactions.
  • Disassociated State-Recreating the past experiences from the perception of an observer. This means that the person does not experience his actual emotions but from the viewpoint of the other person.
  • Rapport-It is a technique of matching the physical behaviors of the person for better communication and correct response.
  • Kinesthetic Dissociation-Removal of negative thoughts associated with a past unpleasant situation.
  • Strategy-It is a series of mental and behavioral steps to achieve a required outcome.


NLP practitioner training certifications consists of all the basic elements of programming approaches. It is also about using these various approaches skillfully to solve behavioral problems.

Wish to know more about NLP training certifications in Dubai? Call or email us at Illuminations Well-Being Center and learn how you can become a gain an NLP Practitioners Certification in Dubai & Abu Dhabi!

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