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Meditation For Beginners

If you are a novice in the practice of meditation, the very thought of sitting still for an extended amount of time can seem daunting. Add to that the whole stress level of trying to ‘shut down your thoughts’ while trying to visualize the beautiful ethereal scene we are often guided to imagine. Do you often find yourself at a loss of a response whenever someone brings up the benefits of meditating and how wonderful and uplifted they feel?

Meditating regularly has many scientifically proven benefits ranging from improved concentration to better quality of health. Any one can avail these benefits and take the experience of meditating from awful to awesome with these simple steps!

  1. Take your pick!

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are several different meditation techniques ranging from mindfulness, transcendental to guided visualization and even moving meditation. There is of course a bit of trial and error method involved in the process of finding the right pick for you, but having patience and perseverance is the key to definite success. So do your research and keep an open mind to all the possibilities out there.

  1. Stretch First

Stretching loosens the muscles and tendons allowing you to sit (or lie) more comfortably. Additionally, stretching starts the process of “going inward” and brings added attention to the body. Stretching also helps the body enter a more relaxing state that initiates a quicker healing process, hence helping you achieve higher potential of the benefits.

  1. BreatheIn, Breathe Out

Instead of focusing on ‘shutting your mind off’, shift your attention to your breathing pattern. Become conscious of each breath that enters and leaves your body often moderating the speed of inhales and exhales with a mental count. Let your natural thoughts come and go and do not resist the flow of thoughts. Saying an affirmation in your mind is of great help and adds a sense of purpose to your meditation!

  1. Discipline and Practice Make Perfect!

Create a quite space around your house where you can meditate on a regular basis without any disturbances. Adorning this area with scented candles, incense and fresh flowers adds to the appeal of meditating. Pick a fixed time of the day to meditate and stick to it! The more discipline you bring into the practice of meditation, the greater rewards you can avail. And soon you will be on your way to a life of fulfillment and happiness that comes along with making the practice of meditation an imperative one!