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Meditation for Beginners – All You Need to Know!

Millions of people, all over the world, face stress, anxiety and depression, causing them to notice disturbances in their sleep patterns and daily functioning. In spite of consumerism reaching its peak and material aspirations having been achieved, individuals are left feeling discontent and unhappy. Distraction has become the go-to coping mechanism for people trying to deal with stress; creating deeply-rooted negative patterns of dealing with problems.

Not dealing with stress leads to it seeping into every area of our lives, causing us to question every choice ever made and not being able to exactly pinpoint the cause of our pain. To understand why, people are shifting to introspection and looking within to understand who they are, why they exist and what their purpose is, so as to attain a balance between their internals and externals. Meditation has been proven to be a simple and effective technique of battling stress and anxiety, amongst other contemplative practices like yoga and mindfulness.

It allows us to expand our awareness inwards so that we can explore the power and influence of our mind and body and the energies that flow through us.

Is it easy for a beginner to learn the art of meditation?


Yes, anyone can learn how to meditate! Although it often seems like an intimidating one, meditation is a simple art. Meditation is the art of focusing on one focal point and bringing your focus back to the present whenever your thoughts begin to run astray. If you find it hard or boring to remain still, don’t worry. You must simply start with 2 minutes a day, focusing either on your breathing, a particular sensation in your body, or a simple object outside of you. Over time, as you meditate regularly, your thoughts begin to drift lesser and your concentration becomes sharper, allowing you to enter into a state of deep stillness and mental awareness, while feeling almost like your body is asleep!

How do men and women differ when it comes to meditation?


A UCLA study found that the brains of men and women react differently to meditation. It was found that while the effects of meditation can be broadly applied to both genders, different regions of the brain get altered for men and for women. For instance, when men meditate, their left hippocampus is altered; for women, it is the right hippocampus that sees a change. The study to understand exactly to what extent the effects of meditation differ because of one’s gender is still in progress.

How does meditation differ to such practices as yoga?


While meditation and yoga both aim to restore and maintain the equilibrium of the human mind and body, there are differences. Yoga is defined as the union of the mind, body and spirit and is a spiritual, mental and physical discipline. Oftentimes associated with and mistaken for ‘exercise’, yoga is far more than just that. It is a way of life that involves good body postures, controlled breathing and the stillness of the mind. Meditation is a part of the mental discipline of yoga and is a key element of the same. It is practiced to achieve higher states of mental awareness and relaxation. Yoga is rarely ever considered complete without meditation.

What is meditation good for?


Meditation has a large number of benefits. With a focus on improving your overall mental fitness, meditation has been known to reduce stress, improve concentration, and balance your emotional states. It has also been known to promote sleep wellness and fight addictions.

Can meditation help with anxiety and stress?


Yes! One of the most important benefits of meditation is a reduction in stress levels and anxiety. An incredible number of studies have been carried out to thoroughly understand the benefits of meditation. It has been found that meditation has a variety of benefits, from improving your memory to slowing down neurodegenerative diseases. The most widely known and identified effect of meditation is a significant reduction in stress levels, leading to better mental health and peace. This can be explained by how breathing is the foundation of our existence. It is a subconscious mechanism, which when controlled, can help control your thoughts and emotions. Learning how to breathe effectively requires you to focus your awareness on your breath, automatically reducing brain activity, consequently reducing stressed out thought patterns. The awareness of your breath and observation of your thoughts is called mindfulness, which is instrumental for the process of meditation to reduce anxiety and stress.

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