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Marriage Counselling At the Right Time Makes Love Last Forever

Marriage Counselling At the Right Time Makes Love Last Forever!

Couples see marriage counseling as a last chance to save the sinking boat of their relationship. Although couples nowadays are starting to address the issues and making efforts to save their bond, many couples wait too long to seek help. The effects and the fruitful results of marriage and relationship counseling depend on a couple’s willingness to save the relationship.

Common Issues (Almost) Every Marriage Has to Go Through

Common Issues (Almost) Every Marriage Has to Go Through

Counselors at Illuminations Well Being Centre, a renowned facility offering marriage counselling in Dubai often find couples dealing with common relationship issues. Though simple, addressing and seeking therapy for relationship issues at the right time not only saves but also improves your connection with your partner.

Common relationship issues

  • Communication issues
  • Financial problems
  • Loss of trust
  • Lack of honesty
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Controlling or abusive behavior
  • Perceiving one-sided relationship
  • Family issues (blended or extended)

How Can You Deal with the Differences with Your Partner?

How Can You Deal with the Differences with Your Partner?

As Robert Schuller has famously said, “Problems are not a stop signs, they are guidelines,” addressing and understanding conflicts is the first important thing any person could do to save their marriage or relationship. No doubt marriage and relationship counselling will help you resolve the problems. However, these tips can help couples deal with their differences and save from the things getting messier between them:

  • Spend regular time with your partner
  • Communicate with your partner about your dreams and desires in a comfortable environment
  • Respect your partner’s need for space
  • Don’t give up on personal goals as it will only increase the resentment
  • Talk about and try to resolve conflicts skillfully. Avoiding resentment and relationship issues only bring couples one step closer to divorce
  • Form an open-ended dialog, understand your partner’s requests and avoid the threats

How Does Marriage and Relationship Counselling Help?

How Does Marriage and Relationship Counselling Help?

Couple counselling is not a magic, but it can turn out a great therapy for relationship issues if you seek for help at the right time. Every relationship is just as unique as a person. Thus a counselor forms a collaborative bond with the couples to understand and resolve the critical problems in their relationships. Couples undergoing therapy for relationship issues can experience a positive change in:

  • Communication between you and your partner
  • Conflict management
  • Sexual and emotional intimacy
  • Identifying and encouraging relationship strengths

Honesty, trust, respect, and acceptance are the foundation of strong relationships. The global studies have found that self-love and acceptance help couples form long-lasting happiness and a deep sense of fulfillment in marriage and relationships. Couple therapists at Illuminations Well Being Centre practice this aspect during their relationship counselling in Dubai as they focus on:

  • Nurturing self-love and acceptance
  • Acknowledge and let go of negative emotions
  • Understanding and working on resolving issues to help form a healthy communication

What to Expect During the Couple Therapy Sessions?

What to Expect During the Couple Therapy Sessions?

So what goes on during marriage and relationship counselling? These sessions are where you and your partner sit across your counselor and talk about your concerns. Before addressing the main issue, the counselor assesses your background, your relationship history and what relationship issues you and your partner are dealing with. This helps your counselor understand the key issues and both the partners’ perspective on their relationship. Also, these initial sessions help the couples be comfortable with the counselor and share their concerns without hesitation.

If needed, the counselor can talk to both the partners separately to know about a particular relationship aspect in detail and even advise both to support and work on fulfilling their personal goals. Many couples wish to know or are confused about the results marriage counseling in Dubai has to yield. However, the couples need to be patient as it takes more than just a few therapy sessions to get your marriage and relationship back on the right track.

Couple counseling helps bring back the positivity and strengths in a relationship and is not only beneficial for married couples but live-in relationships, pre-marital couples and people struggling to find a potential suitable partner are also helped by the power of couple counseling. At Illuminations Well Being Centre, relationship counseling is focused on resolving couple issues as well as emotional and behavioral issues of the individuals that greatly stem the disagreements, fights, and resentment in a relationship.

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