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Manifesting through the Power of Full Moon & New Moon Rituals!

Manifesting through the Power of Full Moon & New Moon Rituals!

The new year brings with it new joys and happiness for us. It is a time to make a fresh start, commit to change and work towards it. It is also, unfortunately, a time where most people are not really attuned to their own feelings and are carrying over guilt or burdens from the past year. This results in most people making ambitious and bold but ultimately empty “New Year Resolutions” (Losing all that holiday weight, anyone?), only to make gyms richer and their own selves, guiltier.

But what if there was a way to avoid all this unpleasantness and truly manifest your goals and intentions for the entire year of 2019 and not just January? And to top that what if it were actually possible to have an opportunity to do so every month!

With the new moon and full moon rituals, you can be attuned to the cosmic energies around you and use them to manifest your wishes and desires.

What? The moon? Really?

Yes, really! Different phases of the moon affect all forms of nature. During a full moon, the tides in the seas and oceans are always high. If the moon can influence the ebb and flow of 70% of the earth’s surface, don’t you think it has an effect on us humans? After all, we’re made up of 70% water! So many auspicious festivals are celebrated around different cycles of the moon all over the world. Also, did you know that the word ‘lunatic’ comes from the word ‘luna’ meaning moon. It was believed that the full moon had the capacity to make people act crazy!

New Moon Ritual

Rumi, the famous poet, and writer said :
” A new moon teaches gradualness & deliberation & how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a work, like the universe”

Many people might see a new moon night as something unfavorable. But in fact, it is the opposite. A new moon, like a new start, gives us the opportunity to state our intentions for the up coming moon cycle, attune to the cosmic energy and manifest our goals with awareness.

A new moon ritual is very simple; but the preparation and process for it are most important. You will need the following things for your new moon rituals –

  • A new notebook and pen (It is important to have a new book with nothing written on or inside it to prevent any transfer of previous energies) that will be used exclusively for writing your new moon intentions.
  • Candles – you can get one or several smaller ones to light up the space around you.
  • Essential oils – you can use an electric or old school diffuser to calm yourself and be truly present in the moment as you state your intentions.
  • Sage – This one is optional. Some people prefer to get a bunch of dried sage and smudge it (burn a little like an incense stick and then let the smoke spread) around them to cleanse their bodies of any negativity or unpleasant energies.
  • A Quiet place without distractions – This is perhaps the most important. Having a quiet place with solitude will help you tune into the ritual and be aware of the present moment.

After the place has been set up with the candles and essential oils, begin your ritual with a prayer. There are many different prayers and chants available on the internet, but it can be more helpful to look at an example and then make your own. The purpose of the prayer is to make a connection with a higher power. So you may invoke a connection with the divine, angels, the elements of the earth, the cosmic energies around you – whatever you feel most connected and drawn to. The prayer can be a brief declaration that you are about to connect with something larger than yourself and should end with gratitude and thankfulness for everything falling into place (Even if it hasn’t yet!)

Next, begin writing down your intentions as clearly as possible. You can write as many or as few as you like. Always remember to use positive language and to state that what you want, should be manifest in a way that is beneficial to all around you (The universe does not judge – so if you wish for more wealth, you do not want to get it from a deceased family member!)

Sometimes, we might not know exactly what we want – and that’s OK. Instead, write down what you want to feel. Do you want to feel joy? Do you want to feel a true connection with those around you? Do you want meaningful relationships at work and at home? State those feelings as intentions.

Once you have written those intentions, state them out loud and pray to the new moon to help manifest them. Remember to end with a note of gratitude. After saying your intentions loudly, sit quietly for a few minutes and focus on a candle flame or incense smoke. Visualize your intentions manifesting themselves. When you feel satisfied, you can blow out the candles and place the journal somewhere safe where no one else writes anything in or on it.

A very important thing is to remember to act on your intentions! You must meet the universe halfway. If you have asked for new or meaningful relationships, you cannot achieve that unless you don’t step outside and put yourself in a situation where the universe can assist you. So remember to open the door, take the first step and let the magic happen!

Manifesting through the Power of Full Moon & New Moon Rituals!

Full moon ritual

Completing the cycle of the new moon – which gives us a fresh start – is the full moon, which gives us all a peak in our energies and an opportunity to re-evaluate or intentions and let go of the energies we don’t need anymore. Letting go of any energy blocking your intentions from manifesting refreshes the spirit and the intention itself! For this ritual, you will need –

  1. A safe vessel that is burn-proof
  2. Candle
  3. A few pieces or pages of paper
  4. Moonlight!

(Try doing this outside in the moonlight if possible)

Begin this ritual with a prayer as well. Try using words or phrases like “I am letting go of…” or “I release…” and ask that the new moon help you in doing so. On the pieces of paper write down everything that you want to let go of or is holding you back. Use the candle to burn the page/pieces of paper in the vessel safely. As you watch the smoke go up, visualize all that holding you back evaporate into the air, and then, think about your intentions manifesting without any blockages.

Remember, clear intentions are very important! If you are clear, consistent and take action, the universe will assist you in manifesting your intention – big or small. These rituals also mean that instead of making resolutions once a year, you now have the opportunity to manifest your intentions with every moon cycle, re-evaluate it if needed and then re-state your intention. That is 12 chances every year (Way better than a pesky gym membership, no?)

While you can do this ritual alone and use it as an opportunity to truly reflect and connect with yourself, you can also do this ritual with other people, particularly with those who also believe in the power of the new moon ritual or are open-minded to try it with you. Doing these rituals regularly with others helps you attune not only to the cosmic energies but also to the positive energies of those around you. It’s like lighting one candle vs fifteen.

To be a part of a like-minded and supportive group of individuals, join us at the Illuminations Well-being Center in JLT and Mirdif twice a month for New Moon and Full Moon Guided Group Meditations.


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Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi

Founder of Illuminations & Clinical Hypnotherapist

Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi is the founder of Illuminations. She has made a huge contribution in pioneering the holistic healing and wellness industry in the Middle East since 2007, having been the first to open a healing center in Dubai, with branches in India and operations in Kuwait.

She is the creative strategist behind the different holistic products and services that Illuminations has introduced. She has been on the cover of Start Up Magazine and has featured in various publications. She is also one of the first practicing hypnotherapists in the Middle East, and introduced a full-fledged hypnotherapy curriculum, which has trained more than 1,500 students to become practitioners under the Illuminations platform.​

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