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How to Manage Stress in Your Daily Life

With hectic work schedules, a demanding social life, family responsibilities, stress has become an integral part of our inner core.

Stress management solutions Dubai vouches for the fact that most of the times, the tension felt is unnecessary, as we tend to analyze and over-analyze things, most of the times the inner turmoil felt is due to our fears, insecurities and mental blocks.

  • It is Important Hence to Overcome These Hurdles as One Day It Can Turn into Serious Ailments.

However, the good news is there are simple and easy ways to manage stress if you decide to do it.


“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”. In this case, it can even hamper your chances of thinking rationally making you dull, irritable and ultimately stressed out. Statistics suggest that you need to take out at least 15 minutes from your routine for exercise, which is attainable. You can indulge in basic exercises, or try out yoga poses, do cardio (dancing, aerobics), try out skipping. The options are endless if you are willing to make time.

Prioritize self-care

It should be a conscious decision to choose your happiness and what you like to do straight from the heart. There is joy in small things, discover that small magic moment. Like to read a book? Listen to your favorite music, indulge in your hobby, or simply relax.

Stop comparison

“Comparison is the true culprit of happiness “. It wrecks your mental peace, making you anxious and judgmental. You are punishing yourself if you keep on comparing yourself with others. Count your joys; you do not have to prove anything to anyone. We are all unique in our way as everyone has a different story to tell and have different struggles. So be the best version of you every single day. Depression therapy in Dubai makes use of various techniques to enable people to find a solution from expert health-care professionals.


De-clutter the thoughts in your mind, de-clutter the pain in your body, de-clutter your office desk, and de-clutter your home. Yes, research suggests that a messy home can add to your stress levels summing up your anxiety. What’s more, cleaning and washing are known to release stress levels making you a happy person.

Accept things won’t go your way, all the time!

Train your mind to see the silver linings in everything. Things may not go as planned, as no situation can be entirely forecasted. Refrain from the attitude of ‘why me’. Practice compassion and gratitude. Mr. Harivanshri Bachchan, one of the most distinguished poets of India had once quoted, “Whatever happens is for a good reason and whatever does not happen is for an even more good reason.

Accept the pain/ difficulty in your life

Running away from things or being in the denial will make matters worse even though it gives you temporary relief. Accept or face whatever you are going through and you will see the situation unfold for itself positively. Accept the things that you cannot change and make peace with reality.

Most of the stress that we experience is centered on our brain and the thinking process. Consequently, coping with stress depends on many varied factors. A person with a static view of the world would find it difficult to manage his/her emotions as also the interactions with the people.

But whatever the issue is, there are numerous ways to handle and cope with the situation.

We at Illuminations offer various stress management solutions in Dubai as your well-being is of utmost importance for yourself and your loved ones. Various NLP (neurolinguistics programming) have known to reduce significant stress levels, as it is a potent tool in the application of various therapies.

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