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In-house yoga vs. Group yoga – which works better?

As most people know by now, yoga is an ancient physical as well as a spiritual practice that originated in India. In the past 50 years, however, it has spread all over the world, as is becoming increasingly more and more popular as time goes on. Nowadays, there are yoga studios and private yoga teachers on pretty much every corner, no matter where you live. However, you could only be at the beginning of your yoga adventure and still finding your footing (both literally and metaphorically). In this case, you may be unsure about where to begin. There are many different kinds of yoga, different teachers, different studios. For many people, it is also difficult to decide between in-house yoga vs. group yoga. As with anything, there are many pros and cons to both.

Why Yoga?


People who practice yoga do so for a variety of reasons. Whatever their main reason is, they all agree that this practice is highly beneficial. While yoga is great for your physical well-being, as is most regular physical activity, people often highlight its mental health benefits in particular. Practicing yoga regularly will not only keep you healthy and fit, but it also is a major help in managing stress. It will provide you with mental clarity and relaxation. Some studios offer both private yoga and group, yoga classes. This way, you will be able to make the right choice for you depending on your level of comfort.

Group yoga vs. In-house yoga

In case you are struggling with this choice, there are several important things to consider about each of these ways of practicing yoga. Yoga is supposed to be the time of your day and week that brings you joy and serenity. As this is the case, eventually you will have to make the choice judging by what you know will work best for you. Both kinds of yoga have their own benefits and pitfalls.

Group yoga

Staying motivated

There are plenty of perks of practicing group yoga. Firstly, ways of staying motivated can cause quite a gap in the yoga in a studio vs. yoga at home game. For most people, it is much harder to get their practice in if they are in charge of when they do it. Knowing there is a schedule will make you take it much more seriously. You will be less likely to put it off indefinitely. Furthermore, having other yogis in the group will help you improve faster and give you a sense of a community. If you are taking yoga seriously and enjoying it, chances are that it will transfer to other spheres of your life as well.

Getting better

Another difference between in-home yoga and group yoga classes is the competence of your teachers. Even if you would like to avoid practicing yoga in a group, it is much better to still do it with a professional teacher. Many centers like Dubai Personal Trainers offer this choice. Practicing yoga with a professional will ensure you are able to constantly improve. More importantly, it will ensure that you are not doing anything wrong. Not doing your poses correctly can even cause injury in the long run. This is particularly important for beginners. Your teacher’s guidance will always be of the essence, but especially in the beginning stages. Once you’ve got the basics down, you could then maybe combine at-home yoga with occasional studio sessions.

Semi-private group yoga


Semi-private group yoga combines private yoga with group yoga classes, only you get to choose the group. There are several different ways to do this. Some people like to do it with friends and family. It can be a way of getting to spend more active time together. Another good way of using this option is finding people at a similar level of practicing yoga in your group yoga class. Having classes with people who are at a similar level as you will provide you with the fun of group yoga together with the custom-designed lessons for your particular abilities.

On the other hand, most group yoga classes usually round up people with similar physical abilities. Whether it’s a beginner’s class, yoga for athletes or busy moms, chances are you are already in a group with similar people.

In-house yoga


You may be wondering, what is so special about private yoga lessons? For the most part, the main reason people opt for yoga at home is that it’s cheaper and more convenient. However, even these two perks can work against you. If you are finding it difficult to make yourself practice, knowing you would be wasting money if you don’t could just be the incentive you need. If you have a strong will, however, this could be perfect for you.

In addition to these two, in-house yoga is attractive because it’s more private. Some people will feel insecure about their abilities. For others, the constant comparing to others will take away some of yoga’s relaxing properties.

Finally, what a lot of people like about in-house yoga is that it gives them a sense of control. If you enjoy a particular pose, you can stay in it for however long you deem fit. You can also slant your entire practice towards what feels good for you.

That said, if you have any special needs – such as former injuries or some preexisting conditions, it would be much safer for you to practice yoga in a more controlled environment, such as in a group.


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