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How to Use the Law of Attraction the Right Way?

We have all been hearing massively about the law of attraction and how the subconscious manifests truly what we want. However, most of us simply end up reading, listening about this but never actually implement it.

As someone who firmly believes in the law of attraction and also someone who has used it massively over the years let me mention it works magically and it works every single time. Few examples of how I have used the law of attraction in my favour are:

In my SSC (Board Exam) I used the law of attraction to get a good score and ended up securing 85%. I used the law of attraction for getting the university of my dreams despite people constantly saying I would not make it. I ended up studying in King’s College London (one of the top 3 universities in the world) about Mental Health. I attracted and conducted the Mental Health Conference to take place at an international level with the top-notch stalwarts of the country to be a part of it and revolutionized the mental health field. I used the law of attraction to lose weight and am still using it for manifesting my current and future goals.

Now that you have enough proof of how I have used it to manifest and better my life. Use the  following tools/exercises I use to help you start and use the law of attraction the right way.

Be Clear and Specific


This is most essential. Be very clear and specific on what you exactly want. For eg: I want a lot of money is vague and highly subjective. Instead, mention the exact amount, I want 30,000$. This makes it easier for the subconscious mind to attract exactly what you want. Instead of saying I want to loose weight, mention I want to loose 8kgs to be the ideal body type.

Put in a Time Frame


A lot of us get what we want via the law of attraction however for some of us we get it years after and for some it’s easily obtained. The reason is that we fail to mention when we want it. For eg: Instead of saying. ‘I loose 8kgs’ mention ‘I loose 8kgs by end of September 2020’. This helps the subconscious attract it easily and speedily.

Pen your goals in Red


This is a crucial step in attracting what you want and should not be missed. Penning down what you exactly what and by when is most essential as this helps your body use every sense to help you attract smoothly. Penning your goals using Red helps even more as it’s a bright colour and gets easily absorbed by the subconscious mind.



The number of times you repeat this step the more its going to help you achieve your goals faster. Visualize as much as you can in as much detail as you can.

For eg: Want to get your favorite car? Visualize yourself buying it, the happiness you feel. Visualize passing your hand over your car. Visualize how it feels when you sit inside, the distinct smell of your new car, its shine, the enriching color, and the luxurious feel. Visualize the engine roaring to life as you start it. Visualize people admiring you on the road as you drive it. Visualize and feel the emotions you feel on having the car of your dreams. Doing this daily for a minimum of 15 minutes helps you manifest faster.

Be Grateful


Being grateful is a way of indirectly manifesting what you want by thanking in advance. This helps bring in more positivity and speedens up the whole process. Let’s take an example to understand:

‘An employee thanks his/her boss every day for giving him the job position he has always wanted and mentions how grateful he/she is for the opportunity. The next time the boss will be reviewing things, the boss will definitely consider this employee first for a promotion. Thanking is bringing forward the energy of gratitude and this energy just multiplies further helping you manifest what you want. Use the power of gratitude and thank every day before sleeping and see your goals getting accomplished faster.

Take Action


Lastly, nothing works if you don’t take action. Take small steps towards your ultimate goal which accumulated together will bring you nearer to what you want. For eg: For your dream car, save more, spend wisely, find alternate hustle to get a side income, take help from a financial advisor, etc. are all ways helping you get near to your dream car.

Written By:


Zinnia H Bharucha

 Holistic Psychologist and Relationship Counselor

Zinnia is the Co-owner and manager at Holistic Solutions from 2015 a premier organization that has been training, healing, and providing relief to several individuals, families, businesses, and communities for their overall development and progress in life over three decades. Zinnia believes in the give and gain philosophy and has been actively involved as a member of the Holistic Healing Foundation of India a public charitable trust instituted by her family for the noble purpose of encouraging and supporting people on their quest for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and development.

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