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How to use Breathing Techniques for Anger Management?

Anger is a common human-related emotion; it is considered as a healthy emotion. We all feel angry for some circumstances and having a great issue regarding some personal problems but later on, you regret it. You will regret being inappropriate at the moment. You should need to solve the issues rather than feeling angry. There comes a few questions regarding how to circular breathe and how breathing has a very important role in lowering anger issues. Hence anger management plays a very important role in reducing anger and breathing skills and techniques.


Anger management is used to define the skills to recognize that someone is becoming angry and try to deal with this situation in a positive manner. Anger can reduce our shyness and act improperly. Anger management is not the term used as destroying or suppressing anger. Furthermore, it concerns to solve the anger issues and expressing the feelings and frustrations in a cool and humble way. Individuals try to search, how to deal with strong emotions whereas anger management is about learning positive ways to deal with the problems and the hindrances associated with anger.


Anger Management techniques can learn and practice by yourself. If some individuals experience a lot of regular and strong anger issues, then you need to seek help with the counselor. It will be more effective and active. Seek professional help if anger is hurting your relations, dealings, and associations. It makes you feel unhappy and resulting in a very dangerous and fierce performance.


Here are some breathing techniques for anger management:

Managing Anger


there are some different reasons why people experience anger issues. There are many ways to help to manage it. don’t try to focus on the single solution we know that anger management is all about varieties of skills and techniques. You need to do regular exercises, meditation, attend counseling, and calm down yourself in a negative situation.

Calm down and divert your attention


you need to change your focus on the specific thing that creates an anger issue. Calm down yourself and divert your attention to the new topic. It helps to lower your anger positively. We are in charge of our behaviors like how we react and behave. You need to gain skills to help to control your reactions during challenging situations.

Breathing Exercises


One of the most effective ways that help to keep calm down, lower the anger issues, and divert the attention is to do the breathing exercises. Breathing exercise is helpful because, in times of anger, your brain sends signals to your body that it is in disaster. While slowing down the breathing and helps to focus on one’s breath helps tell the brain that you are safe.

Here are some important breathing tips:

Search for a quiet and comfortable place for doing breathing exercises

You need to practice it when you are not in anger. This will build skills and techniques for helping the anger issues

You can also close your eyes while doing exercise. It helps to focus on being calm and peaceful

Try to breathe slowly, breath in through the help of your nose and breath out through the help of your mouth

While breathing, try to feel relaxed and contented. Relax your muscles and feel quiet and peaceful

You need to further try yoga or meditation that helps you feel focus and relax

Holding one’s breath and exhaling will help to promote relaxation

Regular Exercise


Taking regular exercise helps you to keep fit and healthy. When you are regularly exercising, your body regulates your adrenaline and cortisol more effectively. This results in lower anger issues. People who are physically fit have endorphins. It is the hormone that helps to make you feel happy and no more chances of anger

Breath Slowly


You need to breath slowly. Breathing exercises help you to feel relaxed, happy and peaceful. It slows your heart rates and brings it to the normal position. Try to avoid an increase in blood pressure or heart rates. It reduces the increase in heart rates. Whenever you feel of being intense of angry, try to concentrate on relaxing and calm down yourself by breathing

All that you have to do is to inhale and exhale for about 3 to 4 times. You need to count slowly while you are inhaling. And count slowly even while you are exhaling. Feel the air that moves in and out of your lungs. Feel relaxed, contented, and peaceful. In just a few days, you will find the difference in your anger issue. You will see you will stay calm while in a negative situation and stay positive in a positive way. Repeat the exercise daily, concentrate your ribs slowly rise and fall. If you started feeling faint or dizzy, stop and return to normal breathing. It has been concluded that breathing plays a vital role in lowering anger issues and feeling relaxed. Anger issues can be reduced by; managing anger, divert attention, calm down in a negative situation, breathe slowly, and regular exercises.

Blog is Written by Hassan K  

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