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How to successfully navigate from a corporate career to entrepreneurship

It has often been found that jobs give you a sense of security with fixed timings that can help you get into a routine for different things you would like to do, including spending time with loved ones and focusing on personal development. However, with job security, comes accountability and sometimes it is difficult to work around fixed timings – after all, routine can become monotonous. While jobs can help satisfy you and make you feel safe and protected, they are not for everyone. Some people find that they are more strong-willed and confident than their job role allows them to be in the workplace, and that can make one feel stressed out and sometimes, even trapped.


When people, who tend to be more spontaneous and risk-friendly, switch over from jobs to start their own businesses, they often find that the difficult days are as rewarding as those when they have the flexibility of time and place, since they are their own bosses!


However, with the advantages of venturing out into the entrepreneurial world, come a few challenges that many find difficult to navigate past. This article by an Illuminations life coach in Dubai, can help you understand how to successfully maneuver your way from a corporate career to entrepreneurship.

Evaluate what you must do 


Before you quit your day job, you need to understand what the process towards building your venture is, and how you will go about it. It is important to evaluate the road ahead before you impulsively quit your job. This is when you must put together a business plan, that will serve as the roadmap. The business plan can not only show you the road ahead, but also help you prepare for any contingencies that may arise. When transitioning from a job to a business venture, it is good to stay prepared, so as to minimise the stress.

Build a network


 When starting a business venture, building a network is crucial for the growth of your business. Attending events and seminars in the field of your work or in related fields can help you identify individuals who could help you expand and/or grow the business.

Understand the need your business aims to solve


Researching the problem at hand can help you create a product that is a solution that your consumer will benefit from. When you have conducted your research holistically, you will be able to identify what your target audience is looking for and how to address all their pain points. Research is crucial when you plan on switching from a job to building your own enterprise, as you become responsible for a lot more activities than before. This means that you must ensure that your business operates as smoothly as possible.

Switching over from a day job can be challenging but extremely fulfilling when done right, and when you manage to achieve the balance you require. It can sometimes cause you a little bit of stress because you are getting out of a routine that you are used to. The key is to finding a balance between staying organized and focusing on the goal you are trying to achieve. It is important to understand that you will not be able to micro-manage every single task and it definitely does not help to work until you burn out! Thinking expansively and focusing on your vision can only be carried out right when you have the right attitude and mindset. Very often, people are susceptible to losing sight of their goals due to the stress of not having a regular paycheck and the uncertainty of success. This induces great amounts of anxiety, taking a toll on our bodies and causing an overall compromise on our health and well-being.


To avoid the possibility of these long-term effects of stress, adopting powerful stress management solutions can help stay balanced and focused in the short-run and the long-run. Our programme at Illuminations in offers an integrated approach towards working on the mind and body to relieve you of stress.


Jeff Weiner, former CEO of Yahoo and currently the CEO of LinkedIn, swears by meditation and mindfulness as he believes that it is important to take some time for yourself, “Just to think.” Many successful entrepreneurs have realized the benefits of stress management and different techniques of managing your stress.


Stress management solutions in Dubai can help you understand how to cope with situations in the new work environment that you plan to take on, so as to ensure that you do not feel stressed out too much (which would affect your productivity!). After all, the brightest of ideas come to us in our most relaxed states of mind – even Archimedes discovered how buoyancy works when he was in his bathtub!

Along with Stress management therapy, you can also enrol for NLP courses in Dubai, at Illuminations Well-Being Center. Neurolinguistic programming is an effective method that you can learn if you wish to be able to ensure that you are constantly in charge of your moods – thus achieving a positive outlook and state of mind.


Attend a mindfulness meditation class to rebalance your energies and allow yourself to explore the optimum level of your potential, or sign up for a yoga class. To understand what wellness approach is best for you, you can book an appointment with our trained counselors here, and they can guide you towards your entrepreneurial goals!

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