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How to Stop Being Insecure & Raise Your Self-Esteem?

Sometimes the hardest battles we fight are with ourselves. 

Self-confidence has a lot to do with how we speak to ourselves and how engaged we are about taking care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and energetically. Odds are that even the most confident-seeming people may have severe anxiety issues and low self-worth. 

You can live the best version of yourself only when you shake off the cloak of self-consciousness and step into your power. So, how can you get over your insecurities and value your own self-worth?

Here are our top 4 pointers to help you feel good about yourself.

1. Don’t Fake It till You Make It

If you have beaten yourself up for a while, telling your reflection in the mirror that you are going to own this day may ring terribly untrue. It may even set you back further down the rabbit hole. 

A 2009 study revealed that people with low self-esteem tend to feel even worse about themselves than before when they repeat self-affirmations, they don’t actually believe in. 

A better approach would be to take small steps to more realistic statements such as:

  • Today, I am going to look for the small wins.
  • Today, I am going to be kind to myself.
  • Today, I am going to try to be the best me I can be.

2. Ditch the Negative Narrative

Often, we look at others and compare and feel we don’t have enough. The truth is we are human and each one of us has our own life story, narrative, strengths, and insecurities. So, it’s time to let go of the story that you are not good enough.

If you feel that you are unable to do it by yourself, seek professional help from holistic healers and therapists who can challenge deep-rooted subconscious beliefs that are keeping you from accepting yourself fully. Hypnotherapy is a safe and powerful way to have personal breakthroughs.

3. Do Things That Make You Feel Body Positive

For many of us, the battle is about loving our body –fat, bumps, cellulite, wrinkles, and all. Research shows that a whopping 84% of women experience body dissatisfaction at some point in their lives! Moreover, researchers found that having a negative body image can lead to depression and eating disorders. On the flip side, having a healthy body image plays an important role in how we view themselves and how we judge our self-worth.

Learn to love how your body tirelessly works for you and not look at it superficially. It’s not easy but the more you find things that feel good to you about yourself, the easier it will be to feel body positive.

4. Embrace the Embarrassing

Life is so much easier with a sense of humor. Accept that you are going to fumble and fall. That there will be bad days. You may still catch yourself being self-conscious. And that’s alright. 

The more you accept all the parts of you – flawed, perfect, awkward, beautiful, the more you will fall in love with yourself and really amp up your self-worth factor.

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