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How to Shift from Unhappiness to Happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy, healthy & wealthy!

We want it because we feel we don’t have it…or we feel we don’t have enough it! Feeling happy often seems impossible, especially in tough times.

When we don’t feel happy, let’s understand what makes us unhappy?


3 factors that make us unhappy are:

  1. Our Own Behavior
  2. Others People’s Behavior
  3. A situation or circumstance that’s out of our control!

If it’s because of our own Behavior we end up feeling GUILTY

If it’s because of another person’s behavior, we end up feeling ANGRY

If it’s because of a situation or circumstance which is out of our control we end up feeling HELPLESS


In order to stay happy, we have to rewire and reprogram our unhealthy emotions for healthier ones. We believe every emotion can help you grow & evolve to become the best versions of ourselves!


Instead of feeling GUILTY, we need to focus on what we can learn from the situation and how we can grow.

Instead of feeling ANGRY, we can learn Acceptance & Forgiveness

Instead of Feeling HELPLESS, we can find the motivation to take charge of what’s in our control and find the hidden opportunity even in the most difficult of times.

And of course, instead of fear, we need to establish a deeper sense of self-connection and faith in ourselves and the universe!


In order to learn how we can help you stay happier, healthier, and more productive, get in touch with us at Illuminations today!


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