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How To Improve Your Relationship With Money For Greater Financial Success

When we think of our most treasured things, the list probably consists of our family, friends, partners, and in all likelihood money and wealth will be part of it. Simply put, we underestimate the importance of money in our lives. This does not imply that we do not spend time thinking about money, but it puts light on how sometimes our perception of money might be the wrong one which leads to trouble financially. To learn about how money is the driving force in our lives, watch Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia on How hypnotherapy can help us to perceive it in a manner that is beneficial to our goals.


If you really think hard, every relationship boils down to how much time and effort you give it. As this commodity holds such importance, it is important to nurture and maintain a strong relationship with it. The way you treat and behave around money is the defining factor in how your financial goals will be achieved. As your habits, feelings, and thoughts determine how you spend and save your money, it is imperative to alter your behavior for greater financial success.


Steps to guide your financial relationship

Rewiring your money thoughts can be challenging, so here are some steps you could follow:

  1. Identify Limiting Beliefs with Money & Align Your Subconscious with Abundance

The way we perceive money starts from our childhood exposure towards it. In case you were told that money is evil and is the root cause of everything wrong in the world, you probably have a negative perception of money. Negative connotations regarding money also arise from parents who were so career and wealth-driven that they never had enough time or attention to give to their children. If you were someone who was not always comfortable financially and had to witness tough times with little to no money, chances are you feel insecure, threatened and vulnerable around anything to do with money.

It could also be something that went wrong during your early adult life or a drastic change economically in your spending or lifestyle habits such as your parents getting retired or being put out of work. Methods such as Hypnotherapy, Inner Child therapy and other mind sciences are sustainable approaches to dive right into our subconscious, identifying any past memories responsible for the current limiting beliefs we hold about money. Once recognized, our thought patterns can be built to align the perception of money with positive and wholesome ideas instead.

2. Be Practical! Make Money Management a Priority


We ignore what makes us feel uncomfortable. We will avoid paying that bill or swiping our credit card without looking at the amount so that we can avoid dealing with the financial responsibility or stress of managing money. Avoidance becomes our coping mechanism when dealing with money and will eventually lead to debt. Bad books lead to a bad business, as entrepreneurs proclaim. Keeping a handle on your finances, both personally and professionally, is important for a successful and stress-free life. Small things like keeping a daily expenditure tracker and an allocated monthly budget could be done to help manage your money.

3. Set Financial & Money Goals


Viewing money as a goal is something that needs to evolve and be altered. In reality, money is just like a tool. This mindset change helps you realize that it is a tool to help you reach your aims and goals, however, it is not the goal itself. Now, true goals itself are hard to identify with things taking place a mile a minute. Without set defined goals, there will be no direction guiding your actions and you might have no idea how to reach your desired outcome. You could book a free consultation with a qualified life coach at Illuminations in Dubai to identify your passion and goals. Your life coach will not only help you realize your purpose and vocation but also outline steps on how to set these goals and achieve them effortlessly!

4. Understand Your Values About Your Money: Your Values will Manifest in Your Vision.


Before deciding or defining behaviors, you need to understand the current conception you hold with respect to money. Dr. John Demartini, a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, tells us that we tend to value whatever is missing the most from our lives. What you perceive as void becomes what you manifest and value the most, according to his ideology. Once you gain this clarity of the values you hold close, you can adjust your previously defined goals to meet your new perceptions about money. Money has different positions in society; it is looked at as a vice or a virtue. Being objective is integral to breaking down the place money has in life and being aware of the social conditioning on money is vital. Changing the way you look at money can help you reach your financial goals.

5. Money & Relationships: Emotions & Economics- Don’t mix the two!


Money can make or break relationships whether professional and personal. The common popular rule preaches never to mix money with emotions. Be clear and precise when dealing with money in relationships and partnerships, especially when it comes to friends, family, and romantic relationships. Letting your emotions run wild without any checks can wreak havoc in your personal and financial life. This adds tension to you and your partner’s life and impacts all issues negatively. Encouraging unhealthy habits of your partner worsens the situation. In order to get a hold on the situation through relationship and couple counseling, Dubai based well-being center Illuminations is a great avenue to do just that.

Sarah Centrella a master life coach, says that learning the lessons from your past is the best way to define your future. She proclaims embracing your past to enhance your future is the greatest teaching mechanism. If you are unsure about your financial goals and the root of this tension, this leads to uninformed choices which make the problem worse. As this process towards financial freedom is a long and stressful one, delegating or seeking professional help can be helpful. Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Stress Management at Illuminations Well-Being Center can help you stay calm and relaxed in order to deal with your problems. It is a powerful tool for rewiring your mind whilst in a heightened and focused state to help you stop obsessing about your problems and look for a solution-oriented approach.

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