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How to Heal Your Issues of Self-Worth Related to Net Worth

Ever found yourself wondering what it would be like if you had more money? Perhaps you could finally buy yourself that convertible that you saw one of your neighbor’s cruising around in; or maybe just go on a guilt-free shopping-spree. While some of these material possessions could serve as motivation, very often we end up setting unrealistic monetary goals for our careers by comparing what we have with what others do. It is natural for us to compare materialistic belongings, as that is the only way we really measure anything in a tangible manner.


The problem with this is that eventually, we begin to measure our happiness in terms of money, cars, houses, the affluence of the area in which you live, and so on. This ends up being the beginning of the end, as we start measuring our self-worth in terms of our net-worth, and never really know why, how or when to stop. It further leads to a deterioration of our self-image when we begin to see lesser and lesser value in our lives unless we have as many materialistic things as other people do.


This measure of happiness through wealth can be traced back to our childhood and how we built an unhealthy relationship around money, through our parents, environment, etc.


More often than not, in our adult life, money becomes the compensation for us to feel better about ourselves, and how we feel others treat us.


What one needs to realize though, is that it is impossible to measure one’s self-worth as an equivalent of their net worth, because our life is far more than just materialism, and these false associations end up leading us to more unhappiness.


Attaching ourselves to our material worth has many risks. Firstly because no matter how much we have, there is no such thing as enough, and we always want to end up with more. Secondly because like is so impermanent, if for some reason we lose our money, we will end up feeling unworthy and empty, having to once again face the emptiness that resides deep within.


Whilst it is fine to enjoy the finer things in life, it is also important to ensure that we retain some sense of balance.


At Illuminations we encourage our clients that if they really want the key to long term happiness, all they need to do is look within and release the beliefs and limiting programs that keep us far away from real contentment, self- love, and true happiness.


Our services and offerings are its counseling and therapy approaches such as hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, or meditation classes in our Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches, provide the platform to embark on a journey of self-discovery and can help us make corrective measures that lead you towards positive self-worth.


Below you can look at a few ways we highlight to show you how to build up your self-esteem and live a happy life that does not focus solely on materialistic pleasures.

Who do you want to be?


Step back and take a look at who you are. Are you exactly the person you would like to be? There are many important personality traits that one must focus on building, such as integrity, determination, and strength of character. When one displays integrity and is sincere in their endeavors, efforts and dealings throughout different situations in their life, there is a value added to their life that nobody can ever take away from them.

Take pride in what makes you special


You are unique. You are special. This makes you valuable to everyone around you, from family and friends to acquaintances. It is essential that you accept yourself for who you are, with all of your unique qualities and behaviors. Embrace it. Own it. No amount of money can buy you your uniqueness.

Reset how you define wealth


You must understand that wealth is not just financial achievements. Wealth is a sum of all your assets, whether tangible or not. Wealth comes in many forms – love, learning, new experiences, so on and so forth.

Make hay while the sun shines


Stop waiting around for a perfect time. Take the opportunity you have and seize the day. Opportunities are everywhere, and you must seek them, to ensure that you make the most of all the time you have and all the opportunities that present themselves.

Find what you love and make it work for you!


Learn new skills, read more, make meaningful connections – you get the gist! You must empower yourself to take any task or situation into stride. You have the power to control each situation to a certain limit, and you need to remind yourself that you are capable and worthy of doing the same. Different activities help you build your self-confidence. From small things like going out for dinner by yourself once in a while to bigger things like focusing on pursuing things you are passionate about – there are many ways in which you can build your self-confidence.

Our services at Illuminations are designed to bring you back to your living your highest potential. You can attend a meditation class in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at one of our branches   – Or book a free consultation in Life Coaching or Hypnotherapy or join one of our well-being workshops, – to help you discover the deeper and intimate aspects for your personality that you might be concealing through your material aspirations. Sometimes issues of self-worth and net-worth mismatch may also arise due to underlying problems in your close relationships. If you would like to identify where your problems are coming from, you can write to us for relationship counseling, marriage counseling, and/or couples’ therapy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Whatever it is, we just want to say that there is so much more to life than material aspirations, and when you dive deeper into the depths of your soul you will discover that there is so much more to offer, aspire and contribute towards in this world!

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