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How to Heal from Toxic Relationship Patterns?

The experience of abandonment in our childhood often leaves behind emotional wounds that cause us to attract ‘toxic relationships’ in our adult life.

We unconsciously hold on to pain, rejection, fear & unworthiness from past experiences without even realizing it!

These wounds become so familiar and comfortable for us on a subconscious level, that we tend to hold on to them and look for partners who make us feel the same way!

If left unresolved, this sets the tone for manifesting a series of unhealthy toxic relationship patterns that we often find ourselves stuck in.

As they say, you can avoid toxic people all you want, but until you realize why you’re attracting them, the same people will keep showing up…Just with a different haircut.

So how do you know you are in a toxic relationship? Here are a few signs of a Toxic Relationship:

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

  • Chasing or Pursuing Emotionally Unavailable Partners
  • Feeling Rejected or Not Good Enough in Relationships
  • Feeling “Bored” or lackluster around Nice, Secure ‘Potential’ Partners
  • Feeling Insecure, Anxious or afraid of intimacy in relationships
  • Over giving and caretaking without receiving in return.

A few powerful and therapeutic tools to resolve these toxic relationship patterns are:

  • Journaling your innermost thoughts and feelings to become more aware of your behavior patterns
  • Connecting & Healing Your Inner Child through guided processes
  • Healing the relationship with your parents through forgiveness & acceptance.
  • Practicing Mindfulness & remaining in the present
  • Cutting the Energetic Cords with Toxic Partners through energy healing practices

At Illuminations, our qualified therapists offer relationship counseling and therapy services by combining powerful approaches such as hypnotherapy, holistic psychology, energy medicine & mindfulness practices to help our clients heal unresolved wounds & trauma bonds so that they can manifest healthier and happier relationships.

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