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How to Communicate Harmoniously?

Communication is the key factor that builds or breaks a relationship. It contributes immensely in making any event /situation positive in life. It is the pillar for resolution and often a predetermining factor leading to a favourable response from an individual.

Why is it so Important to Communicate in a Harmonious Manner?

It is found that usually, the person that can communicate easily is someone that also gets things easily and has his/her path paved out much faster towards progress as compared to the rest. Some people are great conversationalists and others stumble in conveying out what they feel
and want. The latter often suffer further in life and are often misunderstood for their expression.

Pillars of Harmonious Communication

The three pillars we need to use when we communicate and want others to understand and implement easily are as follows:

1. Giving an honest & positive compliment to the concerned


Here it is vital to understand the compliment has to be honest and positive. Something you genuinely believe in or agree in for the opposite person you want to address. Compliments can range from any level from physical appearance to behavior traits, habits, personality, values, etc. Simply stating a compliment that you don’t really believe in for the opposite person doesn’t make it authentic and communication fails miserably.

This first step done right is half work complete as this opens up the opposite person to openly hear you out and understand your situation in a genuine manner, as he/she feels respected enough.

2. Stating the issue using ‘I’ statements


Instead of blaming and saying, ‘you did this’, ‘you are incompetent’, ‘you can’t even do this’, ‘you’re good for nothing’ reframe the language in a manner that you voice your dissatisfaction using ‘I’ statements. This shows you are taking responsibility for the situation and the person doesn’t feel blamed and doesn’t become so defensive.

For example:

In a fight with a friend instead of saying, ‘you betrayed and hurt me

say ‘I felt betrayed and hurt

3. Setting Healthy Boundaries


After stating the issue via ‘I’ statements it’s vital to establish a healthy boundary by either setting a time limit or stating the consequence you wish to adopt with the situation.

For example:

In the earlier fight example after your ‘I’ statements, you can mention I hope we reconcile and things are back to how they earlier were with us hopefully by the end of this week.

Here the end of the week is providing a timeline by stating the duration.

Use these three pillars and help yourself establish and improve your communication thus leading to harmonious relationships.

Written By:


Zinnia H Bharucha

 Holistic Psychologist and Relationship Counselor

Zinnia is the Co-owner and manager at Holistic Solutions from 2015 a premier organization that has been training, healing, and providing relief to several individuals, families, businesses, and communities for their overall development and progress in life over three decades. Zinnia believes in the give and gain philosophy and has been actively involved as a member of the Holistic Healing Foundation of India a public charitable trust instituted by her family for the noble purpose of encouraging and supporting people on their quest for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and development.

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