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How to Become a Successful Wellness Entrepreneur

For many decades, physical fitness was the focus of health and wellness practitioners. Today, with increased channels that provide more information, people have a better understanding of what ‘health’ really comprises. More and more people are understanding the need to stay mentally healthy, in addition to being physically fit. Since mental and physical health goes hand in hand toward ensuring that people live happier lives, it is important that people have facilities that can take care of their goals. Trained professionals can guide individuals towards their health goals, as well as make sure that they do not lose sight of the same along the way.

The Wellness Industry in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


The wellness industry in the UAE has seen a steady rise, with a rise in the number of residents seeking options that help them ensure holistic health and wellness welfare. However, it is not just residents that seek the possibility of wellness counselors. Tourists contribute to the success of the ever-growing wellness industry too! Consumerism today is very different from what it used to be. It is not driven by materialism as much as it is driven by millennials seeking experiences, and the feeling of being empowered enough to have these experiences, such as with traveling, learning new skills, meditation, and so on. People have become tired of traditional 9-5 day jobs and are seeking unconventional ways to build their careers, so as to make a difference in the world. Especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the wellness sector appears to have a promising future, as more and more residents and tourists seek to transcend into a new phase of their lives, beyond the mundanities of the previous trend.

The Benefits of Being a Wellness Practitioner


Where there is a booming sector, there are also professionals skilled in the activities required for various parts of the sector. Here’s why you should consider training to be a wellness practitioner:

  • You make a difference in people’s lives. You understand them and their goals, and you help them achieve their dreams and goals.
  • You help people address important issues that they don’t understand and subsequently do not know how to cope with
  • As the sector grows, so does the number of opportunities. There is an incredible number of ways in which you can practice holistic healing, such as through seminars, CDs, workshops, or even out of clinics.
  • When you decide to start your own wellness venture as a practitioner, you are choosing to take a more unconventional route for your career, thus increasing the flexibility of work
  • You undergo a dynamic personal change, as you begin to unearth your true potential. You find positive reinforcement in the fact that you help numerous people seeking your expertise. You then begin to delve deeper into understanding your own mental state, thus helping you change for the best!
  • You have financial security while doing what you enjoy and believe in.

How to be a successful wellness entrepreneur


Now that you have identified that you wish to train to become a wellness practitioner, how do you go about it?

  • A number of institutes offer holistic courses in different areas of healing. First, you must train to become a certified professional in healing. Getting educated and certified are essential for you to be able to provide patients with the help they require.
  • You must understand the business environment you are to operate in. You can either bring in an expert to look into the managerial part of it, or you can look for certifications in the same, too.
  • You then understand if you have a specific preference in the form of healing you undertake, in which case you would have a more niche target audience. The alternative is that you cater to a broader audience, helping people with different kinds of wellness options. You can obtain NLP training in Dubai, Theta Healing Training, Reiki Healing Certifications, and so on.
  • You must find different opportunities to connect socially, thus helping your brand grow. Forming a network of like-minded people can be very valuable!
  • It is also important to become digitally and socially active in today’s fast-paced world. The digital world has paved the way for many opportunities in the wellness sector as communities for the same have been formed and continue to grow. Staying digitally active also exposes you to industry trends and to information that helps you understand and fulfill the needs of your audience.

Holistic Training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Illuminations is a holistic, health and wellness institution in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and was designed to empower and encourage people to take charge of their health and wellbeing. We believe that the path to a happy life with delightful relationships and successful careers is by tapping into our inner potential and realizing what makes us happy and how we can attain a balance between our mental, emotional and physical states. Providing ample opportunities for people to reconnect with their inner-selves to discover the things that make them happy, Illuminations is also home to the Illuminations training academy, which helps those interested in building a career in the wellness sector by offering training courses in various healing modalities.

We focus on a variety of tools and techniques that are non-invasive and non-religious and integrate science, metaphysical concepts, psychology, and eastern medicine. With its advent in 2006 as a small initiative to help people discover their inner selves, Illuminations is now a leader in the middle-east in the wellness industry. It is the first and largest holistic institute of its kind in the middle-east. We have contributed to the growth of the wellness industry in the UAE by being instrumental in creating opportunities in the wellness sector. In the last few years, we have trained 90% of the holistic healers, freelancers and healing center owners in Dubai. With more and more consumers seeking wellness products and services, the wellness industry has never looked more promising than today! You can get certified today.

From Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to Chakra Cleansing and Reiki Healing, Illuminations offers various kinds of healing approaches. Renowned for NLP courses and training programs, different types of coaching certification and certification training, Illuminations can help you achieve your goals in the wellness sector. Read more about the courses we offer here. For further inquiries, you can write to us here.

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